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Popcorn Buds,To trim or to not trim, need opinions

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by tommy359, Nov 4, 2009.


    tommy359 Member

    So I know this topic is somewhat gone over but wanted to see what the general thoughts were. So have four plants at 34 days flower and was thinking about trimming up some of the lower "popcorn" buds as they aren't really getting to much light and are more than likely going to decrease my harvest. I know I should have thought about doing this alot earlier but as i'm fairly new to this,waited. Hoping that if i do trim off some of the smaller buds it was cause the bigger colas to swell, or maybe i should just have some patience. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
    Also included a couple pics of my girls

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    smokinskins New Member

    cut them off quick! before they nug! whatever you do!

    torontoone Well-Known Member

    looks like white widow? ( or a variation)

    IF SO

    DON'T TRIM THEM !! Thin the fan leaves to expose more light to the lower branches.
    Widow strains will bud at every place it can, WITHOUT detracting from the colas. If
    you trim, your just getting rid of good bud for no reason !

    tommy359 Member

    Hey guys thanks for the quick responses, not sure what the plan is yet, i'm thinking i might just hold off and when i'm good to harvest cut the bigger buds and leave the smaller ones to mature.If nothing else i can always use them for hash:) oh yea the plants are actually four wonder woman from nirvana, so far i like them.

    jordisgarden Well-Known Member

    go get a couple side lights. home depot sells 100 watt hps lamps for like 50 bucks. simple fix and it adds a lot to the overall harvest

    smokinskins New Member

    if you need to man harvest the top and keep growing the rest of the shit. they will size up next time get a light or grow lower

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