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Polymer crystals

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by jackinthebox, Feb 25, 2008.


    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, anyone used polymer crystals or something similar to them? They are crystals that absorb like 400 times their weigh with water, and keep your plants watered.

    After starting my grow I will only be able to water it once a week, so I am wondering if these crystals could make that possible.

    Also are do the crystals cause problems with using nutes?

    Thanks alot guys


    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    i havent used them, but they look cool tho!!!

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    ehh I never liked them. I like to be able to flush the soil really well and I found it much harder to do when I used them in my soil. That and they are EXPENSIVE! It's a real ripoff considering they are technically industrial byproducts. Some vermiculite in the soil mix will help it retain water add some sand and perlite for drainage and your set... and for MUCH less cash.

    Dats Well-Known Member

    They look like they would be good for an outdoor grow.

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the responces.

    NT, I have a question however. I will only be able to water my plants once a week, do you think vermiculite could do that? I really dont, but I have not used it in any grows yet.

    Also have you guys seen those like.... not sure what they are called but they are like a little container that you fill up, and a needle that you stick into your soil. and I guess when the soil gets dry it waters it. I am scetchy about these however, because I dont think they would let the soil dry out to give it oxygen.

    Any thoughts? Thanks for the help thus far <3

    skybike Well-Known Member

    I believe your'e referring to things such as Aqua Globes.. Yes they do work, quite well in fact. Depending on the density of your soil they can give your plants a steady feed of nutrient rich water for up to 2 weeks. If you scan through my grow journal located in my sig, you will see i have gotten 4 of them for my grow, and they work awesomely. A set of 2 costs a bit less that $15.

    As for the polymer crystals, I too was wondering the same thing, and I also might try it out with one of my clones as I have a good size bucket of them for my Ona Liquid odor solution. Hope I helped at all :P

    Macks Active Member

    can you just keep using Aqua Globes the whole time?

    skybike Well-Known Member

    Sure you can, you can't underwater or over water them using Aqua Globes. I just give them a traditional watering once in a while just for good measure. You can also add some polymer crystals to the soil to reduce irrigation times. The roots actually pierce into the swollen water crystals and suck them dry, pretty neat.

    anymouse Active Member

    Aqua globes are awesome if you have to go away on business without warning or have a lot of plants and little time. One advantage they have over crystals is that you can see how much water is left just by looking. I have a pair of the glass ones I bought however you don't have to shell out $15 per pair; shove a beer bottle or wine bottle into the soil. I think I'll give the water crystals a shot on my next grow when I transplant my current seedlings to their permanent mother pots which are too small and in too cramped a place (very stealth) to fit water globes. Everything has it's place and time.

    mudgie Member

    I am finding that you must be very judicious with your use of polymer crystals. They're so small before they swell that you can easily overdue the amount you sprinkle into your soil mix, which potentially creates root rot issues and packed soil that doesn't drain well.

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