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Poems About Weed

Discussion in 'Stonable Quotables' started by choadking, Sep 18, 2008.


    choadking Active Member

    hey jsut wondering if anyone had some poems about marijuana i have a couple:
    if everybody got a bong
    and smoked a lot of weed,
    then everyone would get along
    and end all of our greed.

    nother one is:
    weed is good, weed is great,
    weed makes me want to masturbate

    and my last one is:
    when i got high,
    i felt pretty fly.
    when i got stoned,
    i felt big-boned.
    when i came down,
    i wore a frown.
    but i fixed this wrong
    with a hit from my bong.

    tell me what you think and add to it.

    TodayIsAGreenday Well-Known Member

    weed weed its good for your head
    the more you smoke the less youll dread
    the less you stress the better youll feel
    so smoke some weed sonny, itll make you SQUEAL!
    Stoney McFried

    Stoney McFried Well-Known Member

    I planted a seed
    It grew into some weed
    I bought it ferts, nutes and lights
    And my little plant became such a sight!
    I watered it well from my little pale
    Then went to sex it....goddamn, it's a male.

    TodayIsAGreenday Well-Known Member



    one seed two seed three seed four
    one died from being fried
    with miracale grow soil
    one got burnt , the other one drowned
    boy that sure did make me frown
    now im left with just one, yes one
    happily growing in the sun
    thinking about how much fun
    and how much bud ill have when its done!

    Budsworth Well-Known Member

    I smoke pot. I think I smoke alot. I sneezed and out came snott.
    I grow weed cause I hava a need .... to burn green buds in my bong.

    thormaxim Active Member

    Lol, I don't know why but I lol'd at this hard.

    mr thc

    mr thc Well-Known Member

    "Sweet Leaf"

    Won't you listen?

    When I first met you, didn't realize
    I can't forget you, for your surprise
    you introduced me, to my mind
    And left me wanting, you and your kind

    I love you, Oh you know it

    My life was empty, forever on a down
    Until you took me, showed me around
    My life is free now, my life is clear
    I love you sweet leaf, though you can't hear

    Come on now, try it out

    Straight people don't know, what you're about
    They put you down and shut you out
    you gave to me a new belief
    and soon the world will love you sweet leaf

    Sweet Leaf- Black Sabbath. Any band who dedicates a song to weed like this is a band I like lol...Rock on Sabbath...rock on.

    scrubz Active Member

    Mary Jane, she's my best friend,
    She's always been good to me,
    She come and take all my troubles away,
    She dont stray too far from the west end,
    She's always been close to me,
    When she's around i just drift away

    High Grade, High Grade
    Is the type of love that she give to me
    High Grade, High Grade
    I need her each and every day
    High Grade, High Grade
    Come check me today, i need the
    High Grade, High Grade

    Mary Jane, thats my best friend
    She's always been good to me
    She come and take all my troubles away
    And some people say I'll learn my lesson
    Shes not right and shes not good for me
    But please dont take my Mary Jane away
    High Grade, High Grade
    -"Mary Jane" - Collie Buddz
    Mr. Maryjane

    Mr. Maryjane Well-Known Member

    weed, weed, the magical fruit
    the more you toke the more you choke
    ...............okay that's all I got
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    Psychedelics and Chronic

    Psychedelics and Chronic Well-Known Member

    Say my life is in a sewer
    I'd say I'm a connoisseur
    Sometimes I can be picky
    While searching for the sticky
    But when the day is done and my blunt is rolled
    I'll be a happy man, especially if you match a bowl

    Some smoke meth, some smoke crack, some inject heroin in their back
    Some take doses, some take speed, some like to eat some ecstasy
    Whatever you're on and you want to get higher
    Just take a hit of this multiplier

    SEF Well-Known Member

    What no haikus?

    Marijuana plants,
    We have consumed other plants,
    So why not this one?

    There are many strains,
    Please just remember to smoke
    Indo indoors, kay?

    skye Active Member

    There is a cocroach in my pad
    who walks about like jack the lad
    I sez hey cocky whats the score
    he sez 'hey man' & through me some draw

    So we sat all night laughing & joking
    building some spliffs & doing some smoking
    didnt get to bed till quarter to 11
    didnt wake up till quarter past 7

    When i woke up cocky was there
    snorting some wizz from off the chair
    i sez hey cocky hows about a sorter
    he sez easy man & threw me a quarter

    suedonimn Well-Known Member

    Greed is the need when not growing from seed when you sew
    row after row your fans drone for the clones below
    Fraught with worry you hurry to not make haste
    if you are caught your time is a waste
    Wishing your crop would pick up the pace
    finishing first is the start of the race
    Time to relax as you weigh out your sacks
    backs and fronts are when you make tracks
    Delivery is crucial come tomorrow or next day
    start it all over even before you get pay
    Ears hoping to hear a kind person say
    "I'm fuckin stoned... "

    Yah well what do you want?

    Somers45 Member

    my heart is pounding and i shortly figured out why
    my dear friend mary done stopped by to say high.
    she intruduced me to a intense long lasting fry
    and left me with burning red watery eyes, and a sense
    of peace that i could not once ever find so i kept
    her near close by my side, just in case my quench
    needed just one other try; so keep in mind
    mary jane is her name she is truly one of a kind....

    STU PIDASOL Member

    i have a epitaph

    Here lies a guy who loved to toke
    when he got home he had to smoke
    he once smoked the hydroponic
    now he smokes his heavenly chronic

    NeonJesus Member

    here's mine. Title: Snake eyes __________________ Rolling the dice and getting snake eyes, Sitting her listening to your lies, The government just won't shut up, the war on drugs is a war on us, Don't they see we don't give a shit, We will continue to get lit, Cause we don't play their dumb-ass game, do what I say or I'll send you away, we know there's nothin wrong with MaryJane, We all know it takes away our pain, Makes us happy, makes us laugh, but It doesn't make us sell a t.v. for crack, so why don't you just tax the stuff, so we won't have to pay that much, And you can make that money, To pay back the Chinese, You waste money Imprisoning us, when you know the majority percentage of us, don't steal, don't kill, Most of us just sit and chill, and you lock them away for 25 years, for having three pounds of medicinal herbs, But a pedophile can get away, To rape a child another day, and OJ was free to live his life, when we all know that he killed his wife, so tell me how this system works, Rapists and Thieves can get away, But a pot smoker can't see the light of day, I don't understand how you think that's right, I can't see how you sleep at night, Mr. President don't you see, We just wanna be free, And all i want to do is smoke this tree, without the government trying to fuck me.
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    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    there are no limericks in this thread.

    there once was a guy named frank
    he choked on a rip of some dank
    it heightened his humor
    and cured his brain tumor
    and then he went to the bank

    joskey Member

    oh weed,
    how i love you indeed,
    we'v had a good time,
    i dont see how smoking you can be a crime,

    iv shared you with some mates,
    you make my troubles go lates,
    you've helped me through the good and the bad,
    after i smoke you i dont feel so bad,

    oh weed,
    i love you indeed

    photogenic Member

    marijuana: the musical

    i got into taking pills,
    and bumping lots of line
    thinking i was an aeroplane
    on LSD all the time
    all because i smoked a joint in junior high
    it led me on a quest to get higher
    doing everything that came my way
    because marijuana set my soul on fire

    it's a gateway drug
    ohhhh yeah, uh huh
    weed is a gateway
    a gateway to hell
    oh oh oh

    now i'm shooting heroin,
    and smoking crystal meth
    i'm skin and bones and yellow
    my teeth rotten my breath

    it's a gateway drug!
    it's a gateway to hell!
    oh uhu uh

    wakenbake23 Member

    ganja is good for every1
    weed can make everything fun
    marijuana smells like god in a bag
    if u dont smoke it ur a hag
    but thats ur choice and its ur loss
    i smoke pot at all costs

    hit that blunt not once but twice
    it will instantly make everything nice
    the food is good the sex is great
    and if ur alone just masturbate
    watch a movie or sum t.v
    you wont get bored cant u see?
    because when ur smokin ur finally free

    up in the clouds is where i lay
    i wont come down till the end of the day
    then i sleep and and i dream of green
    in my dreams ill tell you what i seen

    plants so tall they touch the sky
    buds so big theyd make you cry
    the greenest leafs ive ever saw
    i jus stared mouth wide open in awe

    i started to come to and then i wake
    i get up, go get the bong and bake
    ive started my day as i always do
    now im hungry lets go get sum food

    wakenbake poems

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