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plugging a timer into an extension cord, into a surge protecter?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by khulozz, Jan 21, 2009.


    khulozz Active Member

    I have a mechanical timer, the kind with a dial that you use to set the time, and on/off increments of every 15 minutes. the directions have a warning saying not to plug it into a power strip or extension cord, instead they say plug it directly into an outlet.

    Is that just overcautious? The timer pulls 15 amps and I'd like to plug the timer into an extension cord rated for 13 amps, then into the power strip.

    So it would plug in in this order:
    100 or so watts of CFLs (pulling very few amps I imagine) -> 15 amp timer -> 13 amp extension cord -> surge protecting power strip -> power outlet.

    Is this safe? should I upgrade extension cords to one rated for 15 amps, just to be safer? anybody else help me from experience? Thanks.

    WRRide Active Member

    I am no electrician but I have had timers plugged into surge protectors with no issues BUT I always make sure to use heavy duty surge protectors and cords. Sorry I could not give you a more direct answer.

    M4A1 Well-Known Member

    Are you sure it's PULLING 15 AMP or is it Rated for 15 amps? I bet it's rated for 15 amps. Same with the cord. It's rated for 13 amps. So you can run 15 amps through that timer before it shits out. As far as pluging it into a power strip, I have the power strip pluged into the outlet, then the timer pluged into the power strip, then my light to the timer . I think the reason why they put that caustion there is because of what you just posted. You have a cord rated at 13amps, but your pluging a timer into it rated at 15amps. So if you start drawing lets say 14 amps your cord will burn up while the timer would be fine.

    For shits and giggles, I just looked and my 175 watt MH is drawing only 1.9amps.

    codwalop Active Member

    it seems a bit overcautious, you'll have no problems, i've got the same setup myself as the timers are too big to fit in the surge protector


    khulozz Active Member

    You all rule, I'm not worried about it anymore and I'll get to it soon.

    Just got blazed as hell and remembered that I should check this topic and I can't believe it's been like three days since I posted this. Time flies when you're perpetually stoned fore a few days hehe.

    allybam Well-Known Member

    :dunce:guys i keep seeing things about 15 amp timers all ive been able to get is 13 amp reistive load and 2 amp inductive ive bought a few cheaper 1s n they keep fuseing on me so the 1 above i bought is the same as a diff 1 i have that hasnt fused on but im still dodgey about it blowing so see if i was to get a surge protector would it stop the surge from from makeing it fuse to on im clueless about electrics so if any1 has a clue would it protect em from the surge im running a 250 mh and the timer thats still workin is running a 400 hps so will it stop em fuseing cause i dont have the money to buy a immersion timer at £30 £40 were as the surge is £10 each anyway repeating myself here so plz plz help :):dunce: in my mind the surge protector will take the initial surge of electric n the timer can handle the res but again im clueless when it comes to electrics

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