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Please read! Herbies head shop!

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by wareagle84, Aug 10, 2010.


    wareagle84 Member

    I placed 2 orders from hebies headshop with a total of aboyt 75 us dollars and also ordered 20 thc bomb seeds from marijuana seeds-nl ..all the seeds i germed of the thc bomb sprouted and are nice looking seedlings buuut every seed from herbies head shop were bad ...they were germed the same way and none ever sprouted!! So i emailed herbies head shop and they said sorry that dont guarantee germination ! No help at all just a soryy and get over it !! I am pissed but ill get over it i just wanna get the word out not to use these guys!!

    0mgwtfbbq Member

    I don't know about that. I ordered 4 purple widows and 2 south african kwazulu's and every single one germed via the paper towel method. bad germination technique? really bad luck?

    I've had good experience with them. You have to understand why they won't send you new seeds though. If they gave seeds to every guy who emailed them about seeds not germing they would be out a lot of stock.

    Thats alot of money though, shit sucks.

    BuduGrow Member

    Herbies Headshop are no rip off thats for sure, i made a fresh purchase about 10 days ago, 25 Greenhouse cheese, 5 Big buddha cheese. I got 6 reserva kandy kush, 6 Apple jacks for FREE. I put 15 Gh chesse, 6 Apple jacks in root riot cubes, all have germinated very well and in only 3 days. I must say i have never had a problem with Herbies but i feel for you, it is a loss. I think it was bad luck, it does happen, i recently Germinated 5 Mazar from Dutch Passion, purchased in Amsterdam, fresh seeds, only 1 came through, bad luck again.. Remember the seeds are only souvenirs, which is a get out of jail free card for the seed shops, any seed shop..

    scooterbhoy Member

    i,ve always had good results with herbies seeds and one time when i never my seeds were replaced asap

    blubud Member

    ive made many purchases from other seed banks and have not had the customer service like i did at herbies i had orderd a pack of10 gh seeds gws fem from them and after 2 months i had been looking on the green house seeds co grow videos and noticed my plants dont look like gws but like white rhino i emailed herbies and got a quik response bryan said we have no control over how labs package or quality control the items but the would be happy to send me a knew 10 pack of gws fem if i was you i would email them again they have earned my buisiness for life!
    benjamin alexander

    benjamin alexander Active Member

    I certainly haven't had any problems with herbies and something you've gotta remember dude-they're the middle man! The breeder is responsible for the quality of the seeds. Having said that, herbies have never let me down to aus over many orders so far and i haven't had any problems, not even with the supposedly sketchy barney's farm seeds which all germed and are 3 weeks old right now
    Green Apple

    Green Apple Well-Known Member

    I don't even tell my buddie's about herbie's......cause I want to keep the secret all to myself...lol Stealth, and crazy fast delivery (5 day's to the E coast). If you want to talk about junk seeds, just look down at your signature....he he he
    benjamin alexander

    benjamin alexander Active Member

    Uh bro herbies doesn't sell single seeds, the attitude does, can only order full packs from herbies and they only repackage if you go the super stealth option

    karraker Active Member

    I always buy from Herbies Head Shop. I have always recieved STRONGE SEEDS the have germinated. The only ones I have had problems with is Barney's Tangerine dream. Only one germinated and herbies replaced them for free. I only buy from them, the price is cheap and the product is outstanding! Karraker

    ChronicClouds Active Member

    Herbies is awesome! They sent me 10 fem grape gods when I ordered 10 reg. I kindly explained that i can't "collect" feminized seeds. They sent me a fresh reg 10 grape god FOR FREE, I didn't even have to make another purchase. I've also bought single seeds from them. ALL popped and are still alive. You might want to try saying that the seeds you received are defective, as that sounds better than my seeds never germinated or grew.

    ChronicClouds Active Member

    They def DO sell single seeds! look around the site for a link to their single seed page.

    corners Well-Known Member

    i have 7 for 7 so far from my herbies orders. No fails, came in less then a week and very discrete

    corners Well-Known Member

    Wrong. Herbies has a pick and mix also. Called "Herbies Pick and Mix"

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    herbies has been good to me.and the shipping is super quick.i got my seeds the next day.

    slob Member

    Hmmmmm........... quite a few people standing up for herbies in here...... just wondering how many of these people work there.

    joshuaaa Member

    i live in new zealand, ordered seeds off herbies and got them in 8 days!!! i shit myself i was that happy and 5/5 of the seeds ive planted so far have sprouted, id never buy from anywhere else, and mangaged to get thru our border security haha

    joshuaaa Member

    i dont work there and i was really sceptical from buying off a stoner cartoon, seeds can be defective if they have been stored wrong, alot of money to waste for you bud but alot of people are saying they may replace them? give that a second go

    redzi Well-Known Member

    I had a bad batch of 50 Rapid Rooters...wasted some White Label seeds. Put the rest in some Happy Frog and all sprouted. That was the 5th and last time I used any plugs of any kind.

    Extremes4uandi Member

    My wife and I made our first purchase from Herbie
    s,we bought 10 nirvanna ice and got 3 free seeds,being first time collectors, I must say Herbies is one of the best companies we have purchased from.hard to believe but out of 10 seeds that were sent 6 looked like they were damaged about a month went by and for the hell of it my wife said email them and explain what happened after reading some reviews I wasn't to optamistic, would you believe I sent the email on Sunday night and Monday morning at 9:01 am they replied asking what exactly happened. I told them. I am so blown away they again replied and told us they had already sent a new package of 10 more nirvanna ice free of charge including shipping I checked with royal air and my seeds are on there way Hebrides you all rock you now have a customer for life.. As far as customer service 5 star all the way. As far as you people who say you got screwed remember Hebrides disclosure telling them your seeds did not germinate and you want your money back not do smart these are sovinars. I think the company is very reliable I will be buying more

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    you are a good company man..herbie should give you a raise

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