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Please Help!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by millakilla72, Dec 10, 2012.


    millakilla72 Member

    I have three clones in a closet grow right now and they aren't exactly doing the best right now. The blueberry was cloned on 9/20 so its about 3 months old now and still vegging because i would like to get pretty big. The other clones i dont know how old they are because they were not dated like the blueberry was from the dispensary i got them from. The grow room temps range from 84-77 at all times. They are on a 20/4 light schedule right now. I have them in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. I am using Tap water but every Ph test has come out to 6.5 to 7.0 which is alright. It might be the chlorine due to me not letting the water sit out at all before watering. I water every other day and Feed every other watering. I have the feed at half a tsp per gallon of water. I'm using 4 T5's for lights. At this point im not sure if its a Nutrient Deficiency or if its Nutrient Toxicity at this point. It might even be a little Heat burn mixed with Nutrient Deficiency. I'm just basically lost at this point and any help is much appreciated!!

    This is the Blueberry-----[​IMG]

    Also Bluebery-------[​IMG]

    Blueberry once again------[​IMG]

    This is the UK cheese which is a friends------[​IMG]

    Uk cheese again------[​IMG]

    This is the Hogg------[​IMG]

    Also Hogg------[​IMG]

    Hogg again------[​IMG]

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Its nute burn ,reduce the feed concentration by 20% after flushing.

    millakilla72 Member

    Ok thanks i just did a Flush and the Ph came out fine was also 6.5 to 7.0 so Nute burn must be it i will keep my eye out and update thanks!

    millakilla72 Member

    Could anyone possibly think that because of the plants age at almost 3 months ( The Blueberry) it could be a deficiency of some sort. The Plant is super small though still at only about 20 inches with a some low level stress training.

    imchucky666 Well-Known Member

    IDK about that, but half of those pics are stretchy as hell.

    millakilla72 Member

    what do you mean strethcy as hell?

    millakilla72 Member

    If you mean like no leaves on those outstretched stems its because they already died lol and im trying to stop more from dying. Where there is new growth on those stems was where a huge Fan leaf was but now its dead and a new growth is there. Im also using 4 T5 units if that helps any.

    millakilla72 Member


    This is the Blueberry about 18 hours after Flush----[​IMG]

    Blueberry again-----[​IMG]

    Blueberry again-----[​IMG]

    This is the UK cheese about 18 hours after Flush----[​IMG]

    This is a pic of my thermo so you can have a better idea the conditions im dealing with.-----[​IMG]

    Any help is appreciated thanks!!

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