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Please help with SM-90

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by korn534, Nov 10, 2009.


    korn534 Well-Known Member

    i noticed a little bit of this brown slime that was on the tips of my roots so i drained the water in my aero res. gave the resevior a quick wipe down and filled it back up with clean water i then added some hydrogen peroxide along with some super thrive. the next morning i went out to my hydro store and got some sm-90 i added that to my resevior at 2ml a gallon. Today i woke up and checked the roots and there is still a little of that brown slime so why question is how long before the sm-90 starts to take effect? Also should i add sm-90 everytime i change my resevior? Last is this the begining stages of root rot or is this just nutrient build up from not changing the water as often as i should


    korn534 Well-Known Member

    one other thing should i stop using hydrogen peroxide while using sm-90 or is it ok to use both

    j420man Member

    i use sm-90 at every res change to prevent root rot i dont use peroxide anymore sm-90 makes youre roots more healthy i would cut the infected part of roots off change water clean res with antibacterial soap or bleach probobly flush youre growing medium with sm-90 water solution the sm-90 wont kill the root rot if its totaly gone but if its newly infected and not all the way gone i have seen sm-90 turn them white again also do you use gh flora nutrients they die youre roots brown you can tell the diference because infected roots look slimey and smell like ass i love sm-90 but always best to remove infected roots sterelize then add sm-90 to every res change to prevent it from returning hope that helpsit worked for me i got bad clones from a dispensary in colorado and managed to get them through harvest if you get it bad it effects youre harvest a little bit good luck:bigjoint:

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