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Please Help! strange paper-like leaves on 1 plant - w/ Pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by MasterOfTheJuice, Sep 30, 2012.


    MasterOfTheJuice Active Member

    hi Everyone, PLEASE help.
    one of plant (out of 5) is looking very different from the others. the leaves have a paper-like texture, and a bit droopy. it's been kept in the exact same condition as the others, so i dont understand, the other 4 look very happy.
    it looked different as a seedling, too.

    can anyone see a problem here? could this be a genetic thing?

    attaching some pics taken just now.
    any kind of help will be appreciated.


    photo 2.jpg photo 3.jpg photo 1.jpg

    crazymanny00 Active Member

    that particular plant may not be as hardy to heat as the others, crispy feel but green usually means heat stress also the leaf margins and bending up and in looks lik to conserve moisture.you could lower temps or sacrafice him for the health of the others

    MasterOfTheJuice Active Member

    Thanks for the reply CrazyManny,
    thats strange though, I'm using a 200w LED panel and a 75w magnetic induction light, both produce virtually no heat. Temp around the plant is around 28c, and ~50%Rh. :wall:

    EvlMunkee Well-Known Member

    Try to bring your RH up a little. It may help. Your temps aren't bad but could be a little lower. It's not at all unusual to have one that does that.
    It's just different than the others....kind of like that weird cousin we all have.

    crazymanny00 Active Member

    i'm also using LED's, mine run warm but not hot, without some air movement it's about 30c which is too hot and my plants didn't like it, i keep mine around 24c which is about 75F. it is cold outside atm so i can always open a window to cool things down though...

    MasterOfTheJuice Active Member

    thanks EvlMunkee,

    i hope she wont turn out to be as fucked up as MY weird cousin :)

    i turned off the extra fan i added a few days ago, hoping it would help increase RH a bit.

    i should probably give her some more time...worst case, ill conduct some evil experiments on her before ditchin her eventually.

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    ^^^^how are your watering habits???? your link says soil but your pics show other wise.....your not hand watering hydroton pebbles, are you??

    MasterOfTheJuice Active Member

    isnt that what everyone is doing?

    kidding, i added a layer of hydroton pebbles to the top of the soil. mainly to support the seedlings' stem when i transplanted the jiffy pellets. im thinking maybe it could also help keep moisture in the top of the soil for a little bit longer.
    and besides, i think it looks much nicer and less messy :)

    im currently using small (1L) Airpots, so they cant hold much water to begin with, and they dry out much faster than regular pots.
    so i water them every 24 hours. 200cc of water in each before it starts dripping.

    MasterOfTheJuice Active Member

    hi again :)

    got a cool mist humidifier today. combined with my oscillating fan, i managed to bring temps down to 27c (80f) and RH up to 70%
    hope it helps

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