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please help asap. trying to cook with bho! proper process and dosage

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by terrapin710, Jul 19, 2013.


    terrapin710 Member

    hello i am seeing furthur today and really want to see them. i have played around before and usually put oil and bho about.8 to a tablespoon of oil. i put in oven at 200 for a half an hour usually make a cup cake sized peanut butter cup and enjoy! is this the proper process? do i Need to decarb the bho? i have heard i dont need to and i am actually burning of thc in oven. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! tips on my process, or your process! I have a very high tolerance also and i am going to a show so would like a little extra kick in my edibles today! thanks in advance!!!!

    terrapin710 Member

    any one any one

    650baquet Active Member

    hey 710, i'm doing to same thing now. but have only tried a couple times. First time i had 3.5 grams of a 3rd round extraction using ethanol, very dark and sedative stuff. I just shattered it up and through it into 1/2cup veggie oil and lightly warmed and agitated until fully dissolved. took all day lol.
    Then i just proceeded to make brownies as the recipe said except i kept the oven at 300F not 350F and baked for 10min longer...ish. I didn't want to burn/overheat the oils in the brownies and degrade then possible high.
    The turned out great, made 6 brownies with just over .5 grams oil in each. One brown was my dosage. Other friends only needed a couple bites.
    They could have turned out great just by luck and a decent education with oils.

    My next test was with a decarbbed oil. I took 1.5grams of some primo TrainWreck winterized BHO and placed into a mason jar and then into a 250F hot oil bath. waited for the oil to melt down and tiny bubbles will release(decarbbing process) and as soon as the tiny bubbles slowed and pretty much stopped(20min or so) i removed from heat and added 1table spoon coconut oil. mixed until fulled dissolved in eachother.
    Then i filled the rest of the jar with very warm peanut butter, little at a time and mixed very very well to ensure the bho was evenly distributed. i continued to mix as it cool until it was fairly solid then had some(1/4 of the jar) on a waffle. It was late at night and i was already tired but that peanut butter really picked me up for a couple hours before i went to bed feeling great. Woke up and ate some on toast and then just plane :) tastes great with the coconut oil and could totally taste what the bho smelt like lol. That morning i ate another 1/4 of it then we went for a hike with the dogs.
    Perfect dose to make me feel NORMAL! No anxiety and feeling like we need to get this hike over with so i can get on with my day. Everything was at easy but not so at easy that i was tired or lethargic.

    I'm still working on perfecting the decarbing process but next time i decarb it will be right after i evaporate the ethanol from winterizing that way it's all done at one time.

    I am about to decarb some very sedative stuff for a friends pain meds after he gets some teeth pulled. I think i'm just going to make either an ethanol tincture/drops or use glycerin i'm not sure yet.

    I will keep you up to speed with my experiments here on this thread.

    According to a graph i no longer have on my computer is seems like decarbing oil that's extracted with butane will be around 250-290F for 25 or 7 min respectively. somewhere in between.
    This is decarbing oil all be it's lonesome on a glass plate, not oil that's been mixed with another cooking oil. I believe it take longer to decarb concentrates that have been mixed with cooking oil first.

    650baquet Active Member

    i also have a high tolerance hence the whole brownie for me. but next time i really want to fuckin feel something so i'm going to make as concentrated of a tincture that i can and see what happens. Probably be using some TrainWreck/VanillaKush/LostCoastOG concentrates......mmmmmmdank

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