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Plants starting to enter Flower - How should i feed?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by want2grow13, Jul 25, 2013.


    want2grow13 Member

    I have some decent size plants outside in 45gallon pots. I am using fox farm grow big right now.

    should i get the fo farm trio kit and use all 3 nutes? what is the best nutrient feed i am a new grower.
    Garden Boss

    Garden Boss Well-Known Member

    I am impressed with MaxSea... Check it out.

    thepaintedchef Well-Known Member

    Ff is no good. General organics or roots its a far better choice

    UnknownGrowerr Member

    Well I'm new to marijuana growing, but I tried some of the Advanced Nutrients the hobbyist pack with the Sensi grow fro the veg stage and the Sensi bloom for the flowering phase. I'm just getting to the pre-flowering phase and for shits and giggles every time I feed my marijuana plant, I also have a separate tomato plant in a 5 gallon bucket I feed it the Advanced Nutrients, I have never seen a tomato plant grow the way its growing its amazing, And I'm not saying that the other produts the other people are talking about wont do the same its the 1st nutrients I've tried like these. Voodoo Juice is the way to go!!!! I order this stuff by the gallon now, I have never seen root structure in my vegetable plants like this!!!!!!!

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