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Plants not finishing in supersoil. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by turnip brain, Jul 12, 2013.

    turnip brain

    turnip brain Active Member

    I have a small grow space with several plants that are fully flowered in supersoil, calyxes well developed, fan leaves yellowing/dropping, and even the frosty leaves in flowers are yellowing/browning now. There are lots and lots of trichomes that are taking forever to mature. These are at around 9-10 weeks for an 8 week strain, so overdue, but , but trichomes are just not finishing. Everything else seems great, Quite a lot of cloudiness, but pretty much no ambering of trichomes.

    I need these to amber, since my use is all about relaxing and mellow/physical effects rather than racy thc effects.

    I think this is past the point where I am just being impatient. These should be done by now!.

    Any thoughts how to get these to finish?

    I have a few:

    One: the ballast has a boost function, I could add a wee bit of light intensity

    Two: I could further reduce light hours less than 12hr on

    Three: I have been reading that UV is helpful for full development/potency and wondering if the lack of UV in the HPS spectrum is the reason for these not finishing. I am at higher altitude and there is great UV in sunlight here, and I can move the plants daily into natural sunlight for part of the 12hr lights on cycle. But wondering if changing conditions will be too much stress in any way. has anyone done anything like this? Could it cause herms at this late stage?

    Any Supersoil idiosyncracies or anything else to consider?
    chuck estevez

    chuck estevez Well-Known Member

    post up some pics
    turnip brain

    turnip brain Active Member

    Sorry, I don't have time to work on better photos right now, but here's a quickie, color messed up due to hps:


    captainmorgan Well-Known Member

    The least stressful thing would be reducing the light schedule to 11/13 or even 10/14 and use the plants own biology to finish.

    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

    Looks like you have done pretty well, they look awesome and chunky. Did you count the stretch as flower time? I know some people don't, perhaps it needs another couple weeks due to the breeder using this method? I'm a huge noob, i'm just grabbin at straws.

    Mithrandir420 Well-Known Member

    What's the strain? Have you grown it before? EVERY breeder says their strains are 8 week strains, most of them want to go 10.
    turnip brain

    turnip brain Active Member

    Actually my first grow in over 30 years.

    Royal queen special queen: "We recommend 8 weeks flowering for this Cannabis strain; however some growers have harvested as early as week 7"

    I chose it in part for this shorter flowering period.
    turnip brain

    turnip brain Active Member

    Stretch stopped many weeks ago, and they have just been filling out since.

    Mithrandir420 Well-Known Member

    I would take a sample, dry it quickly, say 2 days and try it out. You should be able to get at least a feeling for what the high will be like. Sample it every few days or so to get an idea of where you want it to be when you harvest it.

    My guess is that she's going to go 9 - 10 weeks though. They look great, and you should be pleased with your grow.
    turnip brain

    turnip brain Active Member

    Yeah, I took a sample a couple weeks ago, very pleasant high, uplifting, not stoning, not very strong, nice but not what I need for medicine. Trichomes were not much past clear, only maybe 10% cloudy at that time. Also took a bud yesterday, more than 50% cloudy, I'll dry it a few days then sample.

    Point taken to let them keep going, just interferes with the next plants that need to be brought inside and switched into flower. I screwed up timing a bit between subsequent grows. It'll all work out, just some kinks in the progression.

    I had another reply from someone who does move plants indoors/outdoors day to day without trouble, so I moved them into the sun on the porch today and will continue to do so unless some problem develops. Also will reduce to 11/13.

    We'll see how it goes.

    tags420 Well-Known Member

    Moving in and out is fine as long as all the plants are at the same stages. Perpetual gardens it can bring in bugs. But if they are all coming down at once, I vote to let the sun help them finish.

    TrichomeBob New Member

    From winning roYal queen seeds in a comp and somehow not having many brain cells in function the day I germed them, I will tell you do not believe a word they say!

    They have to be one of the worst seed banks of all time!

    What breeders don't tell you is that:

    a, the majority of Dutch/Spanish breeders grow in Hydro, this can speed up maturity but upto 2 weeks!
    b, when their strains are tested, if they are even tested, the results come from many different growers in different enenvironments and finally,
    C, which is sorta like b, everyone wants a different buzz, and your environment can never replicate someone else's, most things can effect maturity, heat , light, too much food, too hot a soil.

    personally just take them as a guide, if its a 8 week flower, expect it to finish somewhere under 11, in reality theirs only really two types, short flowerers (7-10 weeks) and long (11-20+), aloof the strains that are listed between 7-10 weeks, ifu checkon the web, there will be grow reports from peeps taking down at 7 and 10 with the same strain.

    personally, although ur pics aren't the greatest, they look damn near done, and very good I must say! I personally wouldn't leave much longer, unless u have a good ac unit, bud rot could set it.

    u could in theory be waiting forever if ur waiting for amber, they may not come, ifu can't even see one,but most is cloudy, chop them!

    oodluck bro!

    if u decide to chop, and if u can, just leave the in the dark for 2-3 days, that will help!
    turnip brain

    turnip brain Active Member

    Thanks! Yes I am happy with the grow overall, and except for the trichome color, they do seem pretty darn done. I doubt I'll get rot very quickly, the relative humidity is very low around here.

    I don't have the experience to agree or disagree about Royal queen, but these seeds germed well, the plants have held up solidly to a couple significant abuses without a hiccup, he plants have vigorous growth, clone well, and are disease free, and the little bit of early weed I vaped was quite nice. I have no regrets growing these RQ seeds.
    turnip brain

    turnip brain Active Member

    So truth be told, 7/11 I put these in the sun and then after the fact thought I'd better ask if it was a good idea, well, today, now day three under sunshine, WHAMBER!!!

    Harvest time, just like that!

    TrichomeBob New Member

    There u go, enjoy bud!

    TrichomeBob New Member

    After you've grown a few different strains out, you'll find that a lot of European genetics are kinda mid grade quality, don't get me wrong places like Sensi have some good strains, but things like NL or Skunk 1, old school Dutch genetics, are just easy to grow ut very very average.
    ive tried a few Spanish breeders too and the majority of stuff I've grown has been so so. I strictly grow American breeders now as I think that's where it's at, I'm actually British, so it's not as if im bias, I just want good weed.

    Ive had really nice results with TGA & Cali connection so at the mo I'm slowly going through both catalogues. Though don't get me wrong Ive had bad phenos from both companies, but what people need to realise is that these things are natural products, you can't expect to grow 1 bean and have a plant like the photo. Though I would expect to find keepers in a 10 pack, that's a good test of a breeder, grow a 10 pack out, u should get about 75% female, and you should get atleast a couple of nice phenos and rest average, if I don't, I won't buy from that breeder again. Space is a issue for me I canonlygrow 4 nice size flowering plants, so when I first try a strain I grow all out in smaller pots, clone all, flower,then flower the phenos I like but full sized, then pick the ones like best.

    best advice I cold give ya is don't waste ya money on any more royal queen seeds, out of the 100 or so breeders at thetude, I'd oly buy probably from 5-10, the rest are just people likes and me, buying seeds and crossing in ur bedroom.

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