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Plants leaves curling/yellowing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by jabrown3, Sep 30, 2008.


    jabrown3 Active Member

    the edges of my plants leaves are getting a bit yellow, some have browned and died. the leaves have also begun to dry up a bit.

    are they being burnt?
    is it possible that they arent getting enough water?
    is it bad to have your box above 80degrees F?


    CustomHydro Well-Known Member

    If the plants are dry the TDS in the root zone is high. Adding water will dilute the TDS in the root zone. If you are using full strength nutes u may only be able to use nutes one watering per week. The rest should be plain water. If u use half strength nutes then every other watering should be plain water. U also have to take into consideration that the nutes will build up after a few feedings and they either need to be flushed out or u can lower your TDS for a week every 2 or 3 weeks...

    jabrown3 Active Member

    ok i think it was just overheated and getting ccrispy cause of the lighting... i got it out of the box to veg out for a bit. its cooling off now and getting fresh air instead of just venthillation...

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