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Plants have white dots on leaves after replanting

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by diedaggakwagga, Oct 18, 2011.


    diedaggakwagga Member

    Check out if anyone has an idea of what is going on here , im a first time grower for indoor .


    canefan Well-Known Member

    Appears to be some type of leafsucking insect, possibly spidermites. An application of neem oil would be great or other method you use while they are still young and easy to control.
    Good Luck

    zo0t New Member

    nah looks to me like fungus powdery mildew wipe with 1 part of skimmed milk to 9 part of water with sponge then spray with 10% sodium bicarbonate solution it'll go away u need spray weekly this systemic its already inside the plant

    zshaw369 Member

    this might sound wrong but i got that same shit on my plants a long time ago when i veg with cfl to close, thrips will leave a white trail and dots, i dont think thats powdery mildew i have had that. look close to the leaf almost from the side you will se bunch a like almost fur very small hairs look where you se the white and see if those hairs are pushed down or gone thats what i had i moved my cfls up about 4 inches it was gone with in a couple of weeks or it could be the start of thrips i hope this helped talk to some guys at your local hydro shop or compassion club

    senna Member

    seems these ladybugs are needed alot on here lol

    XRagnorX New Member

    totally thrips

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