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Plants got cold?? Will she survive??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Firsttimer, Feb 9, 2007.


    Firsttimer Active Member

    I by accident left a fan blowing on my girl last night. She is in flowering so the 400 was not on so I think it may have gotten to cold with the fan. I am growing in the same room as my furnace and hot water heater. It usually stays about 65 at night. I do use a small heater when it is really getting cold outside. It was not cold last night but I think that the combination of the fan being on the concreat floor and it being neer the door to the outside ment theat it was blowing cold air on her. She was fine yesterday, but this morning she was droupy and now it is worse. My question is should I put her back in veg for a week and get her health back and then go back to flower, or just keep her in flower and not make such a stupid mistake again? :cry:

    Acesover8 Well-Known Member

    I think keep the conditions perfect and let it recope in the flowering phase but thats just my opinion let someone else answer also

    whitebombs Well-Known Member

    is it bad to leave a fan on em over night if the temp does not drop below 65? i was left mine on overnight for the first time last night but it was for circulation, not pointed directly on the planty

    Indica415 Active Member

    i keep a mini fan blowing on them 24/7.

    FallenHero Guest

    as long as they didnt freeze, i think they will recover. are they drooping because of too much water? or too little? got any pics?

    its not exactly reccomended but pot can survive temps down to 40 and survive. maybe not healthy, and maybe not all strains.

    if you let them freeze, they will usually die although latley i've heard a story of a plant that survived winter.

    GraF Well-Known Member

    surviving winter?? lets hear it!

    GraF Well-Known Member

    I would think if it usually is 65 at night then you will be fine just dont make the same mistake twice... leave it in flower. its a weed, theyre supposed to take a beatin.

    nightfun Well-Known Member

    you might want to get a timer for that fan. don't leave anything up to chance of you having to manually do the work. timers are pretty cheap to purchase

    GraF Well-Known Member

    I honestly dont trust timers, I pull the plug. thats just me though, I know that most people use them but, Ive also heard of them malfunctioning and that is the reason why I wouldnt use them, I wont take any chances

    crackers420 Member

    if your plant gets nocket oversoil spilt out can it survive if u put it back in the pot?

    NoSeedsPlease Member

    but do you trust your alarm clock that wakes you up on time to plug your lights, etc back in? i feel i would be more likely to mess up the timing without a timer. just a thought, and i know there are people that can do it manually but i think thats is a bigger risk than buying a legit timer.

    razoredge Well-Known Member

    leave a fan on moving your plants at all time, 65 is cold but not that cold, I normally let my room drop to 65 in the last phase of flowering to get more purple. But seeing that your early on I wold try to keep it at 70 or up

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