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Plants Drooping At Night, Help!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by stnrnnd, Oct 24, 2008.


    stnrnnd Active Member

    I have a few 5 week olds and I am having continually worsening problems. Over the past couple of weeks they began drooping at night, developing brown leaf tips, and the growing medium they came in( they were clones) has white spots which are now a full fledged mold and or fungus. They have been under a 400w hps at about 12 in distance on an 18/6 schedule. These are hydroponics, so I give them one 10 min ebb and flow cycle which I just recently purged of nutrients because I thought they had a nutrient overload. This was obviously not the case because they have gotten worse using only regular water. The temp stays between 65- 79 and the humidity between 45- 60. The first picture is them at their healthiest, what you cant see are the slightly burnt leaf tips, and the second picture is the mold problem. The 3rd pic is a far view of roots and medium. The fourth picture is taken after 16 hours of light and shows the drooping compared to earlier that day.

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    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    Spray some hygrogen peroxide on the mold, that'll killl it immediatly. As for the droopiness...in soil thats means too wet or too dry, but in hydro idk. Maybe not enough oxygen to the roots???? Good luck!

    Charlieboi Well-Known Member

    At night the leaves do droop a bit bcos there is no light but i dont know about yours......

    hazed06 Active Member

    I consider the drooping as if the girls were sleeping... as long as there normal when the lights come on i think your alright bro..

    stnrnnd Active Member

    Even if they begin drooping after about 14 hours of light? How do I know if the roots are oxygenated enough? They are nice and thick and white out the bottom.

    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    "How do I know if the roots are oxygenated enough?"
    I have no clue how people grow in hydro. Why did you go that route if you dont know how. Aren't you supposed to have all kind of PPm meters and fancy techno equipment lol. Sorry I just wanted to kill your mold. I hate mold lol. Seriously good luck. :)

    stnrnnd Active Member

    Thats the thing. I do have all that fancy equipment and everything checked out. As for hydro over soil, in my area its better suited and lest risk od pest and other nuisances.

    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    Try posting in the hydro section. Those geeks can help ya better lol. Peace...

    theman139 Active Member

    H2o2 in your system will raise your dissolved oxy
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    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    Thats what I thought but I dont do hydro so.....Ty theman139

    stnrnnd Active Member

    So Hydrogen Peroxide will not harm the plants? Do you happen to know the amount per gallon to use?

    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    No it will not harm them, they will love it! 1 - 2 tablspoons per gallon. I use just 1. I am conservative with everthing but light. More light less of everything else yeilded me 7+ounces. :blsmoke:
    Oh wait your doing hydro. The amount of H2O2 could be different for you. IDK Start with a capful. depends on your res size.

    stnrnnd Active Member

    Should I just put it in the resovoir or spray the base of the plant where the mold is or both? Thanks for all of the info by the way.

    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    Spray it right on the mold to kill that.

    stnrnnd Active Member

    diluted or right out of the bottle.

    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    You can kill the mold with it stright up. A couple squirts will do it. Just like if you put it on a cut in your skin, it will foam up when it hits the organic material (the mold) and you can see that its working.
    Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizer that can be used to destroy fungi, molds, bacteria and other infectious agents as well as some pollutants. Adding it to your water helps plants by destroying infectious agents and by adding oxygen to the roots' environment.

    Hydrogen peroxide is an essential ingredient in maintaining a clean growing room. It replaces chlorine bleach, which is antiseptic but harmful to breathe. When added to reservoirs, hydrogen peroxide slows the growth of algae and other water organisms so that trays and utensils need to be cleaned less frequently. Soil and water borne diseases such as pythium and other stem and root rots occur at much lower rates in hydrogen peroxide-enriched water. Hydrogen peroxide works because of the oxidative reaction, so micro-organisms are unlikely to develop a tolerance.

    [email protected] Active Member

    brown leaf tips signify nute burn,replace existing nutes with correct cf & ph,give a flush with ph adjusted water for a day or two first,mould,use h2o2 as said previously to remove,400 hps at 12" might be to hot (unless air cooled) and lead to lumen burn,edge of leaf will curl upward slightly.
    temp,around 80f is o.k. and try to keep the night time temp no more than 10f below this.
    droop, i think most people notice that towards the end of the light cycle plants tend to do this(they prepare for the dark period)
    ebb & flow,i use this method (deep ebb & flow), i place the rooted rockwool cubes (with the plastic surround removed) into the container filled with clay balls(covering the top of the rockwool blocks), i flood the container for a few seconds before the pump turns off( floods times vary depending on the stage of the plant)
    i would also strongly suggest to have a good air pump running 24/7
    Z from Cali

    Z from Cali Member

    I am having the same exact issues with my plants......They are now at 49days and12days budding. They started under a 250hps and now a 600 hps. Same results. I noticed as the nights became cooler the drooping became more frequent and more extreme. After the lights go out there is a 8-10 deg. drop in temp. I was assured, by local grow shop owner, it is a normal situation and , as long as there is not a drastic temp change, the plants will be ok. it does slow the growth a little, but not enough to lose sleep over. All i know is they are growing big beautiful budds , still growing rapidly and droop more than the plants in ur pics. and the fugas/mold/whatever is almost unavoidable on the rock wool. good luck.......and they will prob be just fine.....

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