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Plants are too tall! what to do?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by gripitandripit, Apr 11, 2010.


    gripitandripit Member

    hey everyone, heres my situation: i have a 1000watt MH/HPS. For the vegetative stage i used the MH but now ive been in flowering for about a week and a half and using the hps. In that week and a half my girls have grown a foot! I am afraid at this rate they are going to be WAY too tall for my room since they still have another 7 to 8 weeks left. My question is what are the disadvantages to switching it back to the MH during flowering to keep them from growing so fast?

    Any other info is much appreciated:weed:

    ThatGuy113 Well-Known Member

    Pictures of your setup would help a lot.

    glassblower3000 Well-Known Member

    your plants are stretching..they will stop.

    gripitandripit Member

    Ill get those photos up tonight for sure

    glassblower3000 could you elaborate more on the stretching. And another question i have is have you ever heard of a plant stretching so fast it cant support itself?

    ThatGuy113 Well-Known Member

    eventually yes it could not support it self if its to stretched but that doesn't happen very often. Stretching is where a plant is trying so hard to receive sunlight it tries to grow as close to the light as possible. When this happens the plants with have huge gaps in between nodes leaving less chance for big buds.

    jelmo44 Well-Known Member

    Could be too far from the light or its just the strain and what it does when it starts to flower..... could be a lot of things

    sk8disgruntled Well-Known Member

    They will stop stretching but if its a big problem just tie them down a little so the tops are horizontal

    pkp134 Active Member

    I don't hink switching your light will hurt if thats what you want to do but the metal hallide doesnt have the optimum spectrum for flowering, it is the red spectrum in the hps. now you defionitely want to get your light as close as temperature allows, and you may want to think about startig some kind of a training technique if space is really a concern. You could try lst, topping, or even a screen of green... I really think strain info and pics could help. also what kind of a fertilizing schedule have you been following?

    gripitandripit Member

    Here's some photos sorry about the quality they're from my phone.

    For reference the light is 5 1/2 feet off the ground.

    Im using foxfarm ocean forest soil. For vegetative stage i used foxfarm grow big and for the passed week and a half ive been doing just water to flush and soon i will start foxfarm tiger bloom.

    Attached Files:


    gripitandripit Member

    im doing several different strains because my and my friend are in this together. i have Seedism BLZ bud, Seedism Killa watt, Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough, Delicious Fruity Kronic Juice, Greenhouse White Rhino, and Greenhouse Great White Shark.

    Also i have topped them once but what is the screen of green?
    big tony

    big tony Member

    WOW they look just fine to me! lol

    jelmo44 Well-Known Member

    Why are you flushing before fowering?

    gripitandripit Member

    idk really i just thought it would be good to flush the Growbig. Should i go ahead and start Tigerbloom?

    CLOSETGROWTH Well-Known Member

    They may double in size if there Indica, and may triple in size if their Sativa..

    The stretching will stop after the 3rd or 4th week.

    Leave the hps light over em, and make sure the distance of the light is close, so that they will not stretch too much further.

    If the light is far away, they will stretch at a much faster rate.

    Good luck to ya :)

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