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Planting in "Plant Spa" pots?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Nute, Feb 22, 2010.


    Nute Member

    Hello I have a couple of these "plant spa" pots that are supposed to be good for two weeks.. basically just a resivor underneath the soil. Do you think these are good fro growing mary jane??

    Heres a link...


    Thanks for your help, ohh yea and im running roots organic soil mix!

    Nute Member

    i guess they are selling them just as generic wal-mart brand now, same pot but not with the name brand...... maybe wal-mart bought them out or something. Anyways got the ladies planted in there now, guess I will see how they workout and right up a review or something :D

    stupidclown Active Member

    dont know about those but we had some plants outside in an earth box and the grew way faster then the potted ones

    Nute Member

    well i guess they worked ok, however the roots never grew down into the "spa" so i dont see how that would benefit anything. So i guess they would work just as good as any old pot.

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