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Planting germinated seeds

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by baddog420, Feb 21, 2007.


    baddog420 Active Member

    Is there a wrong or right way to bury a germinated seed? This question sounds stupid but i had a freind a half a year ago gave me a planted germinated seed and the roots were growin up and the leaves pushed itself out of the soil.

    onehitshit Active Member

    yeah.. once you germinate, plant with the taproot facing downward (the little white thing). The 2 leaves will come up out of the other end.

    nitestalker Active Member

    this post helps. thanks.

    soryu Active Member

    :-| how long did you germinate?
    1 day,a couple of hours?

    CaliKushSmoker Active Member

    bongsmilie:eyesmoke:i planted them with the crack( lil white thing pointed angeled down} of the seed up... it worked fine for me..4-5 days to spout up..

    kremnon Well-Known Member

    i read to plant the tap upward, this is supposed to stimulate the roots and give u a bigger root ball. the main thing is not to plant too deep. u can always add soil to a spindly sprout

    Furthur Active Member

    I also read that you're supposed to plant with the root tip up because it does a curve/turn thing back down. However I recently put 10 paper towel method germinated seeds into small rockwool cubes and in my heat mat tray / humidity dome (keeps around 80-85 degrees). I put 5 root tip up and 5 root tip down. I must not have gone deep enough with the ones root up because on all but one the root has grown up into the air outside the rockwool cubes. and the one that didn't hasn't sprouted yet. Out of the ones I planted root tip down, so far two have sprouted and one looks like its about to. (just over 24 hours in tray) I thought planting root tip up was supposed to make them sprout faster?

    techcst Member

    whoa whoa whoa...now im confused....originally I thought it was better to go with the cracked end down..and after this thread I now have no idea :p...I just dropped 20 seeds in and did it at random lol..saying that out loud makes me wish I had kept track, well I guess its up to fate now...and kremnon I love the mantis man nice, he wont hurt the plants right? (probably a dumb question, but i forget..)

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Plant the seed directly into soil and you have no such problem. It is only MJ growers who ever do anything else - and for no good reason.

    techcst Member

    well they all sprouted and are all very healthy and huge, so i guess it doesnt matter which way you face the seeds they find their way up...for the most part.

    TaoWolf Active Member

    Seeds don't need to be placed in any specific direction (there's no seed positioning fairy in nature). They don't even need to be in soil to germinate. Just moisture and the right temperature. I germinate mine directly in netcups on hydroton clay pellets with a near 100% success rate (actually 100% so far, but I'm bound to run into a bad seed eventually) and they figure things out.

    DirtPoor Well-Known Member

    I planted a germinated seed upside down by accident and it pushed the dirt up and the little sprout was about to come out so I though i'd help it out and broke it...so yea don't do that...it sucks.

    Samps86 Member

    Ill be honest,i have read it planting it both ways both i always thought "root up" because the root pops out and makes a complete turn SO the 4 seeds i just planted "root up" i took a risk and carefully dug the seeds up and the roots were growin back downward and one i even found was already forming first small leave and was close to sprouting so im sure root up will work but its still sketchy to me!

    crosscountrykush Active Member

    Reviving this thread lol.

    I have been doing clones for so long I hate the thought of doing these new beans. I just planted a Pineapple Chunk and a Blue Cheese from Barney's Farm. I let them germinate little over 24 hours the seeds cracked the tap root was just barely out not even a centimeter and planted them in cups I hope they sprout lol I use to have 100% germ rate and always sprouted. It's been awhile though so hopefully they all do good heh too expensive to waste them.

    cockbag123 Active Member

    i just germed mine made a hole about 1-2 inches in the soil with a pen and lobbed them in.. its my first grow so we'll see what happens...

    ecklad Member

    1-2 inches seems quite deep? might take a while to sprout at that depth but hopefully will still sprout for you. From research i've done it seems that the seed should go about the depth of a seed in the soil.

    I remember seeing a video on youtube where the guy germinated the seeds using the paper towel method for around 36 hours, the taproot was quite big so he placed the taproot in soil but left the seed casing half exposed. seemed to work for him. Ive just tried this method hopefully it will work for me!

    kendallowens Active Member

    ***FIRST POST***
    "There's more then one way to skin a cat"....I like to put them straight into dirt havnt decided if germ first is better

    Brian. Member


    ANYTHING else is some government agent or anti-drug tard lying to ruin your crop before it even comes out! Research growing without it being about weed, and you will find this to be true! The ONLY place you will find "root tip up" advice is from weed forums from people who believed other people that lied to them! You lower your chances of growing anything if you follow the advice of taproot-up!

    Seeds don't even need to be buried to grow in the wild. They get wet, the pressure from that infuses the insides of the seed with hydration and pops it, it starts growing inside, sucking in water, busting out of that shell, and in the wild, if not buried, tries to poke itself down into the ground. Many trees with large seeds that have no time to be lost in the soil are born this way! That's why some trees have insane looking root bottoms which are all exposed and stuff, aside from those showing that way just from erosion or whatever =)

    My current grow, I thought was failing, so I DUG THEM UP and then I thought they were failing again, so I dug them up again and they were double long, so I buried them again.

    You only need to make a 1/4 to 1/2 inch hole, the seed can literally still be above the dirt as long as that taproot is down in it, you just made its life easier. After germing, if you plant it upside down, you just add to the difficulty. Maybe it will make a stronger plant (of those that survive!!!) but I wouldn't do it unless I was starting 100 seeds in a field... If you're starting 2 to 10 plants or whatever, do that shit tip down :P

    One of my current plants was buried with the seed still showing after the second dig up. That ended up my most vigorous of the two, one week into flowering after 1 month veg from seed and I have hairs, females, great growth, and this from seeds that were germinated in a small jar with wet paper towel -> did NOT wait until taproot, JUST until I saw white just beginning to pop, like a pimple on the tip under the seed lol. -> Planted that downward -> dug them up TWICE (rather abusively, too, imo, even though I was trying to be careful) after the second time they were about 2 inches long, 1 inch the first time, and they still survived and made some awesome looking females which have been very happy since birth.

    I am growing in soil that was 4 years old and got wet and all the pellets in it are full of water or already emptied into the soil etc, mixed with some dry ass cactus soil. And even through all of this, I got some bad ass females that are THRIVING!

    Nutes are plain old blue shit from expert gardener brand npk 15-30-15 and fed them bitches from their first set of leaves and continue to, though I think I might get some nutes with less N, even though these are for fruiting/blooming plants, I still think it will be too much N for the whole rest of flowering.

    Anyway, root down, seed up, doesn't even have to be fully buried unless it doesn't have a tap yet. the easier you make it for that think to lift up its head inside the helmet of a seed, the better. That's my two cents.

    Brian. Member

    one other thing is, TAProot. A TAP is like, think of a sap tap. It goes IN to tap the source, right? Well, it's not really "up" or "down" with the world being round and not flat - it's "in" or "out", so that makes the term itself fully clear: Taproot goes IN the ground, let the seed have the easiest path it can outward!

    JonTheBaptist Active Member

    How about seed positioning... I just had my sprout die because it just fell over, all floppy and weak, and it was not planted in the direct center but rather towards the rim of the jiffy peat cup. Make sure it is CENTERED.

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