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Plant yellow/slow growth 3rd wk Help need! Nitrogen def?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by ordepot, Jan 30, 2013.


    ordepot Member


    It's my 1st time growning and I'm having some issues with my plant but I can't figure it out. I would appreciate if someone could help me out.

    here are some details about my medium:
    Plant: ak-48
    Age: 3rd week (put into pot on the 15th of Jan)
    Soil: Not sure about composition but its says good quality organic material and turf also added vermiculite, perlite and coco coir
    Temp: 87F - 31C
    PH: 7,3 a bit high, waiting on my PH down product.
    Water: I've been using filtered water no more details
    Lights: All CFL 1 49w - 1 30w - 2 15w all 6400k
    Light cycle: 24/0

    I've used bio bizz root juice on the 2nd week and yesterday added some bio grow + root juice as I thought it was Nitrogen deficiency by looking at the internet. What can i expect?

    The burned tip is because of plants too close to the lights on 1st week

    Thanks for you help in advance

    2013-01-30-157.jpg 2013-01-30-158.jpg 2013-01-30-159.jpg 2013-01-30-157.jpg 2013-01-30-158.jpg 2013-01-30-159.jpg

    Psychonaughtical Active Member

    The pot is too large and the moisture levels are fluctuating too much.

    Try just watering at the base of the plant for a while. Or simply transplanting it.

    The2TimEr Well-Known Member

    I would have done some research on what soil to use if i was you before planting anything in there and i would say is the main culprut. Sorry but the plant looks 3 days old not 3 weeks.
    Plants that size do not require any nutrients.. also the temp is too high and also the ph.

    underdog76 Member

    wow i feel a little better comming here for problems with my 3 week old plant....what seemed to help mine was not feeding it anything yet...and use some household suggestions to lower the ph...it should do the job

    nameno Well-Known Member

    Hang On! Somedays are better than others,but they all good, if not take another toke.Peace

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Its very stressed due to the heat and i dont like its chances. A seedling this age cant take stress like an est plant. You need no more than 75deg and cfls at this stage, damage is done. Also i have a big Q on that soil quality, its not helping, turf?

    ordepot Member

    Cheers guys for the input!

    Re-potted the plant into a better mix, sunshine mix + perlita.
    Going to need a better cooling system too, im in the middle of summer so my temps outside are always 80+ at the moment.
    Maybe on the hotter days going to turn on the air con a couple of hours...

    I already have 2 fans blowing, but not enough!

    Maybe to cut down light to 18/6 and give it a rest, may recover?
    Now just using plain water...

    Hopefully she will make through it!

    Thanks for the help!
    Ill keep you posted...

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