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Plant spacing, light spacing, and internode distance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by KnowledgeSeeker, Sep 3, 2009.


    KnowledgeSeeker Active Member

    So I was having a problem with stretch. A couple of plants grew from 6" to 24" in 2 weeks with very large spacing in between nodes. Part of the problem which i have resolved (I think) was the light (a 4 bulb T5) was too far away. I pruned the tall plants and moved the light closer to the canopy. Right now the bulb itself is 2-3" away from top of the canopy.

    Second part of the problem (I think) was overcrowding. I had 24 plants in 4x4x4" rockwool cubes in half of a 3x3' tray tray under the 4' T5 lamp. The rockwool cubes were all next to each other with no space in between. There were a lot of leaves touching between the plants. I read in a couple of places that overcrowding will cause the plants to stretch, competing for the light. So I took the 6 weakest plants out and spread the rest apart evenly. Does overcrowding cause stretch? Do the plants now have enough space to avoid more stretching?

    The strain is sour diesel. I will be vegging these plants to 2' before I flower them.

    The internode lengths at the top three nodes average about 2 - 3 cm. Is that about right? The other nodes down to the roots average about 4 - 5 cm. Is that about right?

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    damon bradshaw

    damon bradshaw Active Member

    Sour D stretches like a vagina!

    BeefSupreme Active Member

    looks good to me

    KnowledgeSeeker Active Member

    Really? I've never heard that before

    KnowledgeSeeker Active Member

    Thx BeefSupreme. Perhaps I've got it under control now.

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