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Plant producing sap

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by sasha09022002, Mar 2, 2009.


    sasha09022002 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had a plant that produced a sap like substance? It looks like light Karo syrup and is sticky too. It appears where a leaf has been removed and it there are little balls of it all through the buds. :eyesmoke:
    Lil Czr

    Lil Czr Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about resin glands?

    sasha09022002 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure....this if like my 8th grow and the first time I have seen them.

    DRGreyMind Well-Known Member

    resin glands? try to post a picture

    sasha09022002 Well-Known Member

    This is on one of the little scrappy buds I'm using to make bubble hash.

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    NYC Diesel

    NYC Diesel New Member

    thats normal, it happens sometimes, its just a build up of sugar, and in your case when you cut off something. This is usually more probabale when someone adds molasses or sugar into the water, if you do then thats ur answer.

    sasha09022002 Well-Known Member

    I grow hydro...so no extra sugars. It was never a very healthy plant so I was just a little curious. Thank ya!

    marcnh Well-Known Member

    Yes I have just experienced this. It looks like clear sap and very sticky. I did add 1 tbsp of honey to one gallon of water, and yes it was where I cut off a sample bud. The droplet was about as big as a popcorn kernel (not popped lol). I tasted it and it was sugary sweet.

    Allglad Well-Known Member

    I have also experienced this. I do sweeten, but this did not happen until a couple weeks before expected harvest, so I cut the plant down thinking it was finishing early. Bad mistake because she was NOT ready.

    A grower I know mentioned beetles that ate in the middle of the plant yet would not show any bad effect to my plant. :? lol I find that unbelievable that any beetle could cause sap by eating the plant yet not cause any other unusual or negative symptoms. I think the beetle idea is comparable to what the movie Reefer Madness seems to be about. False facts.

    I think the sugar/nute and also strain of a grow are the possible reasons.

    Ronjohn7779 Well-Known Member

    The "secret" ingredient in some hydro supplements is molasses/simple syrup. So thats where that sugar could be coming from. If you added any additives in addition to your normal nutrients then that most likely is the culprit.

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