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Plant Moisture Stress - Symptoms and Solutions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Uncle Ben, Jan 12, 2009.


    420producer Well-Known Member

    you want a ghetto hack? walmart sells these emergency blankets for a buck. will help with some reflectiveness. imho i think the 1000w is too big for area. you have . 5x5 is ideal for a 1000w. if you can exhaust the light do that if bat wing raise it to the highest , my first closet grow was similar to yours but 4x4x7 and i fought heat even with a ac. but 5k btu cooling per 1000w used should be gucci. and if you can bury the container,? lmk how things goes. im in colorado and it gets down to the -15s but not on a regular. ive done the 3/4" foam board with the reflective facing out with r30 batting framed with panda 10x20' space needed a 36k btu mini split with heat pump .and a Co2 burner. winning...

    420producer Well-Known Member

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    jbcCT Active Member

    That looks way over watered to me. How often are you watering?
    Mr. Krambo44

    Mr. Krambo44 Active Member

    Hi uncle b. I have a question for you but anyone can answer as long as it's the correct info. You refer to ivory dish soap as a surfactant. What does that do for the roots? Does it need to be done?

    Aye1frmDay1ny Member

    Can anybody tell me what happened this happens over night

    Aye1frmDay1ny Member


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    T-Bag Member

    I recently had issues with high humidity! My plants leaves started turning yellow in the middle and everything started to mildly wilt. I had a few leaves start to dampen off. I figured they needed a flush or something of the sort. To me it looked like they had some sort of deficiency or possibly a lock out. As I sat in the room thinking the moisture hit me right in the face. I brought my meter and holy fuck 100% humidity was choking out my plants. The stoma couldnt breath because of all the moisture. Never had I dealt with that nor realized that room had such high humidity...

    T-Bag Member

    Holy shit bro. Overnight? If I had to guess it looks like it didnt get enough water BUT if it happened overnight you might be looking at some sort of rodent or insect attacking the roots. That thing is DEAD something seriously attacked it or the root ball completely dried out. The wind could have possibly snapped the base of the stem or something I cant really get a good look with that picture. Maybe take one a little further out and one a little more close up... You didnt move it or anything recently did you? Dig into the roots and see what you find, I would guess maybe grubs cause gophers would have probably pulled the whole thing through.

    Aye1frmDay1ny Member

    well I'm on a high climate and it's super dry (la national forest) and a storm did pass us these 2 days maybe the sudden air change

    Josiah123456789 New Member

    20170909_172052.jpg 20170909_172052.jpg 20170909_172052.jpg Message_1505067305868.jpg First time grower here and having a few problems. 3 weeks since planted. Any suggestions?

    haight Well-Known Member

    Better drainage, less humidity and don't water so much

    Craigson Well-Known Member

    Ive got same issue i think , over watering/unaerated soil.

    So i have 6 seedlings about 2-3wks old.
    I started in jiffy pellets and everything was good, lots of roots showing out jiffy pellets so i transplanted into 3" pots sept 17.(watered)
    1/2 promix bx and 1/2 promix hp
    I watered once and seemed ok, waited until very light pots then watered again sept 21.
    Seedlings started to droop n yellow. Waited til dry then watered again sept 21.
    Now theyre browning n still drooping.

    So i know i shoulda added more perlite and need to fix.

    QUESTION- should i ride it out n just make sure they go fully dry for a day or two before watering again?
    OR - should i pull em and re-plant w added perlite? If so, do i get old dirt off roots and plant in same pots or just move to slightly bigger pots and add perlite?

    Any help is appreciated

    Craigson Well-Known Member

    Or should i pull the jiffy pellets out n replant in better mix?(w perlite)
    If i do this there will be some root damage.

    Craigson Well-Known Member

    So far only suggestion is that they need feed.
    Does that make sense??
    If so then they needed fed at like 1 week old?(issues started then and been getting progressively worse.
    Heres pics from last night. I checked a cpl roots n they seem to be good and growing.

    Note- i did slurry test n ph was between 6-6.5 for soil.

    IMG_2642.JPG IMG_2643.JPG IMG_2644.JPG IMG_2645.JPG IMG_2646.JPG IMG_2647.JPG

    JacquesWebsterJr Member

    Need help with my plant. One of my first responses on here. Don't know what's happening with one of my leaves; turning bright green but not yet yellow. Added some big bloom but not much difference

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  16. I'm pretty sure it was an over watering problem but a few of the leaves stared spiraling and crinkling on the end of leaves. The worst one even developed a small hole in it. O let em dry for about 5 days and they started to perk. Back up. Everything i see says water em until a little comes out of the bottom, that's what I did and they didn't seem to like it. No discoloration was happening at all just twisting and crinkling leaves

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    Craigson Well-Known Member

    Yup they neededfed

    Queefsniffer Member

    Man my plants look like some of these photos, the more I learn the more confident I feel, but at the same time, the more overwhelmed I feel too haha
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    frizzayy Member

    image.jpg Anyone know what the hell is wrong with my baby auto blue diesel :( she's dying the other 2 which are haze are going great hydroponic no nutrients yet light is 300 watt led temps stay low 80s I really can't see the problem plus light is 20 inches away from the little girls

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    JacquesWebsterJr Member

    Hey guys,

    First grow here. Looks like my three girls are getting a slight browning st their tips. Two are in veg, and one is in flower. My pH is about 7 and I'm not using any nutrients other than fox farm ocean forest soil.

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