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Plant falling over

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by thenextlevel, Dec 17, 2007.


    thenextlevel Active Member

    yesterday morning before i left for work i checked on my 1 week old seedlings. gave them both a nice squirt from a spray bottle and left for work. when i came home one of the seedlings was just laying down in her pot.
    so i staked her up with a paper clip and then this morning i woke up to find it laying on the dirt again... the leaves are still green, and its at a tilt now from laying in the soil so much. it's still alive. but what is happening to this? and the other one is fine.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    can you replant them? bury them up to the first set of leaves. sounds like they are stretching for the light.

    thenextlevel Active Member

    thats what i've done now thanks. i could practically see the root coming out of the dirt after further examining.

    afr0h0lic420 Active Member

    Yeah your plants just needed to be replanted...This happened to my boys plants, they stretch for light so make sure the lights are at a safe distance or your plants will uproot again. Best of Luck

    Loaded258 Active Member

    tell me how this worked out because my plant is falling over too.:?

    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    1 - Lack of water
    2 - Streched to much
    3 - needs to be transplanted

    Cujo4567 Member

    When im growing my plants outside and there still falling over, do i need to replant them, if so wats the best way to transfer the plants i dont want to kill them there bout 2 feet tall and wide

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    that's getting kinda big to replant. you need to stake them at this point. :joint:

    EarlyMisty#1 Active Member

    just get some metal wire (old coathanger and make a 90 degree right angle to the ground so it stays in the ground and put the loop round the plant, and it should naturally get stronger over time then remove it

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