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Plant Dying from Bottom Up and Flowering

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 1230981, May 5, 2011.


    1230981 Member

    my plant has been dying from bottom up for about 3 weeks now i pulled off all the brown leaves and now its happening again and the whole plant is wilted and browning but its also during flowering and has buds on it already, is there anyway to save it? my water ph is abot 7-8 and im using miracle grow potting soil with plant food for 3 months, has anyone seen a plant with that much damage make a recovery during flowering?

    Snickelfrits Active Member

    how big of pots are you using b/c i had a similar problem which as it turned out was my containers were too small and the plant was rootbound...i re-potted and it was fine but its risky re-potting during flower..how long into flower are you b/c the leaves WILL start to die towards the end of the plant's life cycle...also could be ur PH is to high

    1230981 Member

    im using 8 inch pots ive grown in smaller without problems, and im about 3-4 weeks into flower

    shannonball Well-Known Member

    come on dude what are you thinking? have you done any amount of research or reading on this site about growing? 8 inch pots and three weeks into flowering. what are you growing Bonsai plants or something. At four weeks of vegging you should be in 3-5 gallon pots if you plan on harvesting a decent quantity of bud. transplanting during the flower mode could cause them to hermie. you can try it and see what happens or plan on getting a couple of joints off her when she finishes out.
    smokey green

    smokey green Active Member

    8 in. pots?? DING DING DING DING!!! ...lol.... There's your answer.... You should have had at least a 3 gallon pot man....Rule of thumb bro....

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    8" pot would have been fine, if he were growing zero veg practically, tiny little SOG twig or whatever. But three months. I am going to guess this is a poor windowsill plant or under a incandescent light bulb? Not enough light and too much fertilizer and not enough root space and too long in a tiny contaner and maybe too wet? How about a picture and more details, so we can help it at least finish healthier. What light? Is it always wet or do you let the container go failry dry at least occasionally.

    After 3 months it could have been a big 4' tall fat bush and yielded as much as near 1/2 pound under a 1kw hps, depending on strain. In a 5 gallon bucket of soil though... And it's too late to get much if any benefit of transplanting 3 weeks in flower can just stunt it.

    My420 Active Member

    Yea agree need pics It can be anything from burning especially from using Miracle grow man that stuff is not good for Marijuana Plants. Could also be root aphids. Plant slowely dying off and leaves browning is just to wide a range of stuff we need pics to be of more help.

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