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Planet skunk seeds

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by lickalotapus, Jun 17, 2013.


    lickalotapus Well-Known Member

    Getting my seeds ready for my outdoor grow in a few months ,decided to go with planet skunk from good reviews and easy to buy in Australia , can anyone with experience with the strains they have tell me which ones would grow very big (2-3Lb plants)and have potent high quality bud, there's so many to choose from I'm unsure which will best suit my needs , also I need feminized seeds , cheers guys

    wahoo Active Member

    I'm in the same vote atm. I've got some sour diesel but I'm looking for a few more also. I do have a few in mind but I'm interested in what others would recommend?

    Have a look at herbies head shop, Sea of seeds and attitude bro they have a lot more than Planet skunk

    I'll post what I'm thinking of getting but I would just like to see what people would recommend first.

    Guy's any recommendations. I'm looking for strains that will yield around the 1LB give or take.


    lickalotapus Well-Known Member

    Yeah I may go with another seed bank , planet skunk is very convenient though as they have a national Australia bank account, that Jamaican pearl looks interesting , says it grows to 3m read mixed reviews on potency though

    wahoo Active Member

    Don't get me wrong I have ordered off planet skunk a few times and got my beans it's just they don't have a real lot and they seem to be out of stock with a lot of strains. I got sick of fucking around going into the bank too LOL

    Me and a mate are probably going with sour diesel, blue dream, train wreck, cotton candy, super lemon haze, chemdawg, and some Amnesia.

    That's the plan for this year LOL Still haven't %100 decided, so we are up for recommendations :eyesmoke:

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