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pistols dying?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by krechure, Sep 8, 2009.


    krechure Member

    Hello all,
    I have an outdoor plant that is a week or two from harvest. I checked on it a few days ago and noticed that the buds on one stem looked like someone held a lighter right over them and burned the crap out of it.

    The leaves at the very top are all withered, still green though, and the pistols are halved in length and half brown in color.

    The weird thing is is that the other stem on the same plant is progressing fine. My other plants are fine as well.

    The soil is a mix of personal compost, perilite, and vermiculite. It is watered once every 3-4 days when needed. I havnt used much fertilizer this time around.

    I dont have a ph tester(I bought one from home depot but the thing only read 7, at all times lol) but I know i need to buy one.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    ive read that when a plant gets pollinated the pistils die off. are there any males around? maybe its just this one branch that got pollinated?

    krechure Member

    i killed off all the males ages ago, but its a possibility. I never even considered it could just be pollinated

    canefan Well-Known Member

    Outdoor grows always give you new things to think about. The problem could be pollination or insects. One of my ladies got shaved in the same fashion early in her flower. She has recovered fully. Good Luck

    krechure Member

    Culprit found!


    I just got my magnifier a few days ago and found the little bastards.

    Now, my trichs are half way to cloudy so i figure i have a solid week for most of them.

    The weird part is that the spider mites arnt eating the leave at all, there just concentrating in the buds!!
    How much worse could this get?

    The good news is that they arnt that bad yet, far to small to see naked eye, and i think there much younger because there clear and you never see more than one or two together.

    I guess ill get some neem oil and diametrous earth?

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