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Pistils browning to early

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by BULLTERRIER, Dec 9, 2008.


    BULLTERRIER Active Member

    THIS IS MY 3RD GROW THE 2 B4 THIS 1 TURNED OUT CRAP 10.2 GRAMS OF 6 FEMALE WHITE WIDOWS AN THE BIG BUD I GREW B4 IT WAS NO BETTER I USED IONICS ON ME 1ST 2 GROWS AN THOUGHT IT WAS CRAP SO I BOUGHT a hesi product i got 4 bottels it,s a set it is i have used that only along with superthrive an co2 tablets,they are in there 4th week an 1 of them is in it,s 5th week.now the 1 in the 5th week is doing well no brown hairs at all,an looks like it,s gonna give me a half decent yeild but 1 or 2 of the others have started to brown hair an the yeild don,t look to great AGAIN the last 2 grows even the bud was shit,u could smell em when they were growing but as soon as i chopped em to hang to dry the smell went away,now these im bubblegum i have now are smelling great up 2 now an just 1 of them has loads more t.h.c on it.is it common 4 some of these pistils to go brown in the 4th,5th week or is it that the buds are so small there matureing to quick,im growing in a green room grow tent the tent is at 80 during the day an about 70-75 at night,there not over warterd or over ferted i took 3 out lat week due 2 over cowding i have a 400w hps 2 4"inch rvk air out take fans.im just hopeing that this time they will give me a half decent yeild

    Ghost420 Well-Known Member

    pistles browning before late flowering usually mean a K def

    BULLTERRIER Active Member

    WHATS A K def MEAN

    chucktownskunk Well-Known Member

    potassium def= k def

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Just cooking the plants with heat and way too much light will do it and chop your yield way down.

    I suspect you're making some kind of major mistake like that to get the shitty shitty yields you describe and brown hairs are probably just a symptom of that.

    One plant under CFL's in miracle grow with no nutrients added do way way better than what you're describing. Post pictures of your whole setup.

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