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pistil hairs turning brown after 3 weeks of flowering

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by okeefe, Mar 3, 2009.


    okeefe Active Member

    Ok so im in the third week of flowering and the white hairs are now all turning brown .. iknow that i want that to happen later but is it good that its happening now none of the buds are that big and there a still bulbs that havent sprouted. I have given it dutch master reverse and penetrator and i also gave it a nute for flowering N-P-K 11-13-16

    maybe nute burn please help heres a pic its blurry but my camera cant get any better photos


    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    They will turn brown if they were pollinated. Is that possible?
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    okeefe Active Member

    i hope not but it could of gotten pollinated how long will a male take to start pollinating ive checked all over my plant cos i had suspicions that it was a hermie but there isnt a bulb in sight that looks like a male ball or is there a bulb that has a banana like flower coming out.... any other thoughts

    okeefe Active Member

    ok just double checked and the conclusion is that it got pollenated ....so what now is that it? should i just harvest now and be happy with what i got .....im so unhappy now

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    Bugger, do you know where the pollen came from, have you got rid of it?
    If so I would let it carry on and see how it goes, if it's only a little it might continue to flower and you'll get some free seeds.
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    okeefe Active Member

    hermie man i thought i got rid of all the male bulbs by picking them off and
    using dutch master reverse but it didnt work at all. i might grab the biggest buds and dry and cure them
    and let the rest grow and get free seeds i guess but that sucks major balls ....i was so looking forward to
    some awesome bud.

    okeefe Active Member

    what im going to do is pick off all the male bulbs spray the fuck out of it with dutch master reverse and see what happens....most of the pistils tips are brown but the rest is still white so there still might be a chance???
    what does everyone think am i wasting time and money?

    i dont wanna get a seed that is from a hermie cos then ill go through the heartache of a hermie next time and its definately not cool

    smokeybandit22 Well-Known Member

    member Panhead had a very long thread that I was fortunate to participate on for study of Dutchmaster Reverse with conclusions. It does work, just needs to be applied very timely and properly.

    okeefe Active Member

    could you please post a link for some reason the search engine doesn work for crap

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    I was going to suggest Reverse but I was beaten to the punch.
    Not sure if you will get hermies from hermie seeds, a lot of people say you will get feminised seeds from them, although I haven't tested this one myself, but maybe worth a try.
    Usually you get hermies from light interuptions or stress, so they say.
    Did anything happen that you think may have caused it to go hermie??

    okeefe Active Member

    yeh it was definately stress from inturrupted light i tried to induce 12/12 early and did a bad job of it .....i learnt my lesson...

    i was reading a thread smokeybandit recommended for me and im going to havest this small batch and make hash cookies or whatever....probaly wont smoke it ....and then let the rest of the plant grow seeds..then plant those seeds and add reverse to it from the start i growth apparently that has had great success.
    This was my first grow and i got alot out of it.....ill wait for next grow and fuck shit up(in a good way) . maybe ,make a monster plant..i read a thread about making monsters and think that its gonna be fun to do.

    Anyway what are your thoughts should i harvest of is it a waste ??

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    Seeded buds can still be a good smoke, it's just that you won't get huge buds.
    Seeds take a good 4 weeks to mature, so if it was me I'd keep it going until the seeds are ripe.
    After what you said about the light interuptions causing the hermie, you just never know, they might be fem seeds.

    dbo24242 New Member

    bummer man, I didn't know herms fully developed pollen sacks. if I see one I'm definitely going to seperate it and finish it under cfls.
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    okeefe Active Member

    yeh good idea ....alright what i did was cut a few buds down ....lets call it a taste tester ill let the rest bud more and let ya guys know how it turns out.. should i basically just fert it for bloom and thats it let it run its course or should i do some manual stuff as well i.e pick the pollen sacks off?

    wyteberrywidow Global

    pick the pollen sacks off thats visible so you dont end up with more seeds than bud to smoke.

    Ghost420 Well-Known Member

    i have seen pistals turn brow because of under nuting. once fixed they do ok.

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