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Piranha, Voodoo Juice 24/6 & H2O2 12/1

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by bambambigalow*, Feb 2, 2013.


    bambambigalow* Member

    Hey out there,

    ive grown hydro for about 3 to 4 times.
    Ended up with root rot every time even ive used sensizym , piranha, great white, air stone and water temps not exceeding 23°.
    So i gave up and switched back to coco.
    Now i give hydro a try again, since i think i know what caused my problems with root rot.
    I simply had too much of beneficials in there cause along with all those AN products i also used EM.
    That was simply too much and i think it caused root rot in my system, caused i cant imaging what else could have caused it.

    So, i'm running a an NFT table with an glass fiber mat covered by an anti ague folio, with 20 pots with a lid and hydrocorrels in it on the table.
    Each pot fed by 3 drippers.
    Girls are 1 week in the pot, having nice root already.
    For the root development i water only for 5 min every 2 hours, which is probably still too often.
    When roots reach the mat, and start to drink more, i will increase the feeding interval to max. of 15 Off 5 min On..

    AN Sensizym
    AN Piranha
    AN Voodoo Juice
    AN Bigbud
    AN Bud Candy
    AN Overdrive
    Mineral Magic

    an water pump for circulation and 2 Air stones for aeration in the rez.
    Room temps 24°
    water temps 18-21°

    I for sure know that i can't use H2o2 along with Piranha and Voodoo.
    But i am very afraid of root rot and just don't want to have it again in my rez.
    i flush once a week with plain water for 24 hours.

    Well now the Question:

    Is it possible to use H2O2 for the first 12 hours of flush, change the water .... and flush 12 hours with plain water after the use of H2O2.
    All beneficials are dead now, i know.
    Bring in the nut solution and after 24 hours reapply all the beneficials back in the system ...
    The 24 hours just to be sure every H2O2 is gassed out.

    I ask cause i saw some yellowing rots already..

    thx for reading,

    cheers, Bam

    bambambigalow* Member

    no one here who has an idea ? can't be

    some hydro pro ! need ure help !

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