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pinch your stems??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by dursky, Feb 24, 2007.


    dursky Well-Known Member

    I forget what its called when you pinch or break your stem... the healing makes for a stronger plant. I have a male i am experimenting on. Anyone know of this as i want to do it to my females. When do you do it ,, can i do it now 5 weeks old 15=24 inches healthy??:confused:

    FallenHero Guest

    i believe it's called or is a process of supercropping
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    good idea to practice on a male... You can squeeze the stem where you want to break it... between your figers.. squeeze it and roll it in your fingers gently... until the stem gets weak and gently falls over on BY its OWN weight..


    smalltownDill Well-Known Member

    yes you can do it now

    stilltokin Well-Known Member

    thats a mad idea ive never heard of that. so what is it do, does it make the stem stronger or something and what happens if it dosnt get back up lol?

    High4Life Well-Known Member

    Try doing it just after you have waterd the steams get easier to work with

    And if there is 1 or 2 branches looking bigger than the rest tie them down so the top is as level as you can make it so every part of the plant gets equal amount of energy

    If your only doing a test , Lookin up fimming and try it after the supercroping and tieing .. Its a hands on job but pays off in the end

    No other way to grow for me if i was growing 10-20 plants i would not worry about these methods so much id prolly just topp .

    ladyluckbud Member

    i understand how to pinch it... but where should i pinch it
    Lemon Heaven

    Lemon Heaven Member

    when pinching stems you can do this from the first 3 weeks of vegative growth and there are 2 advantages to this.
    1. pinching helps if you prefer shorter stockier plants, the thing is growning indoors wont give you thick strong stems like they do outside so pinching thickens the stem.
    2.you can pich all the way through its life up too i week before harvest. Pinching below a developing bud will actually produce larger buds as all the nutriensts are being used to repair that area sending nutriens to the bud and thickning the stem in the process so now being able to hold the weight of the bud. Ive done this many times and works very well. this process also known as supercropping will slow the growth of the plant somewhat, but whats an extra couple of weeks for an extra couple of ounzes(dry weight).

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