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pills street value the oxy

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bk4u4ever, Jul 11, 2008.


    bk4u4ever Well-Known Member

    i no this isnt about marijuana but whats the street value for oxycodone -APAP 5-325MG Tab

    thank you much obliged and one more thing can you lace this with your weed
    Black Light

    Black Light Well-Known Member

    By that you mean a 5 mg percocet with 325 mgs of acetaminophen

    2 dollars a piece.


    Why would i lace a 5 mg percocet with my weed? why not a 15 mg percocet. or a dogbone aka. xanex
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2008

    bigwheel Well-Known Member

    If it has acetamenaphen in it will fry a persons liver. Had a pharmcist neighbor splain this to me 30 years ago. Aint good for human consumption especially amongst them who drink alchyhol..cus tylenol and whiskey both is handled through the liver. They dont even know how deadly it is for sure..but it has kilt folks. Try aspirin if you got pain. Its the best sheet ever invented..and it come from native ameirckan injun peeples chewing on willow bark. Its au naturale etec. Parley voo? That is so frog eating Frenchies can understand the dangers.

    Big Wheel

    bk4u4ever Well-Known Member

    but can u put it in ur weed for a better high?

    outrunu Well-Known Member

    Pharmaceuticals aren't meant to be smoked. This is a weed forum, we grow it, we don't lace it. :joint::peace:

    brendon420 Well-Known Member

    why would you do that, go smoke pcp if your looking for the ultimate high, herb is fine the way it is

    Acidburn999819 Well-Known Member

    yes you can put it on weed...but it tastes like shit and lets talk about addicative. Dosn't really do much....total was of a good pill. I live in a meth area so you could probably pull 8-10 a pil if you wanna deal with meth heads...2-5 for a reg. Not worth selling....i mean unless you have a good friend that loves pills...trade it for some grass

    SoKo420 Well-Known Member

    Ha I used to sell it for 3 bucks a pill and I sold 10mg ones. Sold hundreds at a time. Made hella money so I could fund my grow box and a PS3.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2008

    Kindbuds262 Active Member

    some hicks up in here...

    rockyy Active Member

    oxycontin is what you need, them are worth some money

    SenorSanteria Well-Known Member

    Fuck pills.

    Smoke weed.

    tokezalot420 Well-Known Member

    yeah weed ... sell ur pills for weed thats whay my buddy does he gets like 200 hydro 10s and oxys and a bunch of other pills and medical marijuana all because of a drunk driving acident and he was the drunk driver .. so much for carma huh then he sells some of his pills to his weed dealer for like 1400 dollars or sometimes trade for smoke .. lucky bastard
    sir smokesalot

    sir smokesalot Well-Known Member

    tramadol, hydro and oxy:weed: im taking some lorazepam right now but i dont know if its having any effect, im too high to tell

    farmer#1 Well-Known Member

    ur sum cracked out guy taking lorezepan u need to fix up nd smoke a fat blunt!
    sir smokesalot

    sir smokesalot Well-Known Member

    i'm doing both!:mrgreen: im too high from smoking to tell if the lorazepam is working

    its doctor prescribed too for anxiety, im not just buying off the street

    farmer#1 Well-Known Member

    fuk pharmys!

    farmer#1 Well-Known Member

    u may aswell shoot up sum oxy's while ur at it!
    Black SS

    Black SS Active Member

    I wish I knew people that traded pills for weed or money.... Sometimes I have so many Percocet's I have to give them away before they go bad. If i could sell them where I lived, I would never have to save up for shit. No BS :evil: ~Black SS
    Black SS

    Black SS Active Member

    This is just a pic for all my "Roll It Up" associates that say "Seeing is Believing" ~Black SS:joint:

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    jasminechase New Member

    5 mg oxycodone take a couple to acutally get high, for me like three.. sometimes more..even.. so not worth it if your taking them urself lol
    But they have alot of street value because they are in high demand and are highly addictive. You could sell around 2-5$ a peice i think. depends where ya at ofcourse thoo.. but than you need friends that feind them.. unless you wanna sell to crack heads:)

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