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*Pictures*Plant disease or deficiency?*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by 420caregiver, Jan 16, 2010.


    420caregiver Active Member

    Please Help my plants keep getting these spots then the leafs turn white or they Dry up and Die!

    I keep taking all the nasty dead leafs off but a few days later i see this starting all again its been like this for a month! i change the pots to a bigger container

    I Have 7 Plants! this are ok!

    and 2 Large ones the this are bad!

    I started with

    Foxfarm Dirt in 10/3/09

    Grow Big (Fox farm nutes)

    I use R/O Water with Cal Mag

    I have 2 Fans

    I use A/C

    Room temps is at 76 day

    60 Night

    Humidity 45

    My whole room is PANDA FILM with fresh air threw filter!

    Why is this happening everytime i clean off all the leafs they start again!

    I had thrips when they were smaller is it a thrip dieses?

    its not heat stress!

    I need Help ! Please!


    I Dont have any thrips Anymore!

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    420caregiver Active Member

    Wow looks like a STUMP the Roll it up community! This was a simple question with pictures and NO ONE has a answer? I know this is not a NOVICE question but i thought some one here would know something? i guess alot of newbies here i have to find a site with more info or help than here this is a joke!

    trampredboy6544 Active Member

    greenmans page has lots of info .

    deflator Active Member

    You'll find a lot of misinformation here and a lot of false help.

    Unless you are feeding them wayyy under the directions on your nutes, its not a deficiency.

    From your description of the behavior, I'd say it's a fungus. Lower humidity and pick up some copper sulfate :leaf:

    ericthefool Member

    My first inclination is a PH problem. I can't think of any deficiency that would do that to the plant, unless you have lockout. What is your PH? Remember, when you add nutes to water, your PH will drastically change!

    The one picture with the clawing has me thinking. How often do you water? What is your PH? What are your nutes and how much? I probably can help you if you provide this info.

    ericthefool Member

    one more thing.

    A few look to be in some bags. Do you have good drainage?

    420caregiver Active Member

    Thanks for the Response!

    Fungus! What kind? Is this why they Turn White leafs like a bleach leaf after a while? This what happens

    1. They turn Brown and Die at the Tips
    2. They turn White and Die (Looks like sun Bleach) but my lights are way far

    these 2 thing happen to me?

    I have checked PH it is at 6.2-6.5 I have good meter and i dint thik that might be the problem? (i check after my nutes and adjust up or down)

    The bags are have big drain wholes i bought them at a hydro shop and are for potting, the bags are not the problem they were in #1 containers about 48hrs ago now they upgraded to the bags. (Did i let them in a small container to long? it was about 1.5 months they got 24 inches tall and then 48hrs ago i placed them in the bags)
    I hope this helps!


    420caregiver Active Member

    They Vedge since 10-3-09
    They were in #1 pots for 2 months then transfer to the bags that are made for potting
    Problem has beens for the past 1.5 months
    under CFLs for 2 months and 15 days in a 1000W MH
    I Water Every 2-3 Days!
    I use FoxFarm Dirt and Growbig 60-75 ml per 5 gal of R/O Water with 25ml Cal Mag at 6.2 -6.5 P.H

    What is this


    doowmd Well-Known Member


    DannyGreenEyes Well-Known Member

    Pictures 3 & 4 look like a MG Deficiency. Check this site and click on MG deficiencies and you'll see some pics that look very similar http://www.ganjaguerrilla.net/index.htm Everyone should have this site book marked. It helped me out several times already and I'm only half way through my first grow.

    I recently had a few deficiencies myself and was misdiagnosing them as nute burns. Fed them just 1/3 teaspoon of FF Tiger Bloom per gallon and the problems dissapeared.

    If you're feeding with Cal-Mag, then the only way it's a MG deficiency is if it's pH related, and that might also explain the brown spots. Make sure you're pH is strait and maybe try feeding with Cal-Mag & Tiger Bloom.

    Also, I never used Cal-Mag. If it's chemical based that could also be your problem since everything else is organic. (sorry, should have said this first)

    Which FF soil are you using btw? There's a big difference between Ocean Forrest, Happy Frog, & Light Warrior.
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    stumps Well-Known Member

    lots of threads on ffof cal/mag dif lately. thats kind of strange looking def. you have going.

    420caregiver Active Member

    Great info Thank you so MUCH here are some REP points!

    420caregiver Active Member

    Well i UP my calmag to double strength to fix definciancy

    today 3 days later it looks allot better but after adding a little of my grow big 50ml per 5 gallon bucket!

    i notice some leafs having purple stripe on it?
    i thought PH issue but unless my Hanna PH meter is off i had a ph of 6.2 (50ml calmag and 50ml of grow big) then this happen a little curling of the leafs but now i have purple in it? what is this please help here are some pictures!

    I thought it was this

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    DannyGreenEyes Well-Known Member

    It looks like a nitrogen deficiency to me. That's one of the things I had/have. I fed my girls a half dose of ferts just to be safe, Alaska Fish Emulsion (better for nitrogen then plain fert) and FF Tiger Bloom. Most of it dissapeared except on the one plant that I forgot to pH the water on after adding the nutes:wall: So the pH kept her from getting her fair share and she was still pretty bad. But the others are shaping up. As soon as I can water them again, I'm giving them a full dose of both, may have to give them even more than that (big root system), but we'll see.

    Fish Emulsion (naaaaaaasty nasty stuff) and Bat Guano is the best stuff for nitrogen. Can't remember exactly what I was told, but to put it in lamens terms since I can't remember the exact words, it's like a nitrogen multiplier - it multiplies N instead of just adding it. I also have bone & blood meal & I'm thinking of finding the one with N and trying to dilute it into water with the Fish Emulsion.

    Give your girls plenty of N, full dose of Fish or Bat poop at first and see if they still ask for more.

    Of course there is a chance that it was something in the Tiger Bloom, but odd are it's the N.

    These pics were just taken. As you can see it's still there, but it's not as bad.

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    420caregiver Active Member

    Wow thank you I will get the Fish Emulsion and i get some Guano and Bone Meal , This multiplier sound Great! Thanks again! I only used the Grow Big due to me being in Veg right now. Tiger Bloom wont start my flowering if i added correct? so i should add everything 1/2 strength including the Tiger bloom correct? Thank you!!

    DannyGreenEyes Well-Known Member

    Blood Meal is the one with Nitrogen. I just treated the soil with it last night/this morning. Just sprinkle some on top of the soil, rake it in a little with your fingers, or one of those little flower bed rakes if you have one, and water. I used 1/4 cup for each 10gal pot, not sure if I went strong enough. But better too little than too much, it's easy to add more but not so easy to remove any if I go to strong. It stays with the soil for a while.

    You shouldn't use both bat guano & fish emulsion, just one or the other. Alaska fish emulsion is pretty cheap ($10), but it's brown so an aquarium pH tester isn't the best way to test pH, you should have an electric pH tester.

    Good idea to start with half doses. Try to give your girls a plain watering in between feedings if you can.

    Check the Big Grow to see how many of the minor nutes it has. I'm posting a chart that shows how well it's ingested at different pH levels so you have a list of all the nutes, minor & major. I used Tiger Bloom because it has all but 3 of the minor nutes (missing sulfur, calcium, & molybdenum). If the Big Grow already has all of that, then you won't need the Tiger Bloom. And don't worry, the only thing that can put your girls into flower is a change in light schedules, unless you have an auto flower strain in which case it will flower when ever it's ready & not before.

    Sounds like you're on the right track. Let me know if you run into any more problems.

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