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Pictures of my 8 week old outdoor plant - my FIRST grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by jonv15, Jul 22, 2009.


    jonv15 Member

    This is my first grow, it is a single outdoor plant that was taken from it stirofoam juice cup 4 weeks ago and put into the shown plastic pot. Any thoughts on its current state?? as I dont have anything to compare it to I dont know what to think of it at only 16 inches and brown leaf tips all over the place. I have about 7 more weeks to grow this plant to completion.

    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    looks like n def
    but could be wrong how much light does it get?

    jonv15 Member

    gets 8 hours plus a day outdoors in direct sunlight (when sunny here in the T.O. area) left outside from 10am - 8 pm then brought inside for the night

    Angus Well-Known Member

    What do you feed it?

    How often?

    jonv15 Member

    I gave it a spray of miracle gro at 3 weeks (sprayed leaves, stem and soil lightly. other than that just water every few days.

    Angus Well-Known Member

    Ph maybe? It looks like it may be overwatered but I don't think that would burn the leaf tips like that.

    dbodabomb Active Member

    when did you plant thos i planted mine in may 28. and i use the same spray you do but don'e take them inside. i'm about to take some clones and start a indoor grow. but here check out my plants tell me what you think. this is my first grow.
    the one in the woods is a indic and the other one is a sativa. i am hopeing they are both girls. but i wont tell for another month. since i live in the central. it's still sunrise at 6:38 and sunset at 8:47 pm. but hopefull the clones i take are good but till the one's outside start to flower i'm sort of scared to take clones.

    and if you can tell in the background i have a bunch of tomatoe's growing to cover up the smell of these plants. but his one has a silver tint to it. is that good?

    jonboy30 Well-Known Member

    looks kinda skinny and stretched.
    Old Crone

    Old Crone Member

    I germinated seeds in May and planted them in a garden with rich garden soil. They are 5' tall and 8 weeks old with no sign of sexing yet. How long should this take? They are beautiful with heavy foliage.

    dbodabomb Active Member

    you should be finding out pretty soon. this is the first weeks i have seen the plants sex. and i'm happy out of my 4 plants only 1 male plant

    jonboy30 Well-Known Member

    it all depends on the strain...for example, I planted my cheese from seed 2nd week of May. She showed sex about 7-8 weeks ago. My Northern Lights showed about 6 weeks ago, but I planted my NL's 1st week of May....

    Mattplusness Well-Known Member

    3 things i'll let you know about what you did wrong for future grows.

    1) you stated it is outside from 10-8, that's only 10 hours of light, if you wanted to force flower something, that is the only reason you should want to bring it in every night. it needs at least 13 hours of light (not necessarily direct light)

    2) you stated it gets miracle grow sprayed on leaves and stem and lightly on soil. to be honest that's the complete opposite of what to do. you should put it in the water you use and feed it. the nutrients get absorbed by the roots tons more than the leaves. not to mention miracle grow is very concentrated, which is why your tips are burning

    3) bigger pot, more soil (good soil). root space is directly related to plant size.

    dbodabomb Active Member

    anf if anything if your going to spray miracle grow on the leafs the best time to do it is between 5AM and 7AM that when their ablle to absorb the nutrient but then the next day you have to spray it off with water to wash of the accsess nutes. so you don't nute burn it.

    BONGRIPPER#1 Active Member

    :joint:i have 4 plants with very similar growth to yours,as well as leaf style and size. do you know the strain name of the one by the tomatoes?:joint: start with a joint end with a joint haha.

    Rtoke New Member

    5 foot ??????? is 5' mean 5 foot or 5 inches ??


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