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PICTURES!!my new deformed leaves. whats wrong??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by smokeyyy, Jan 23, 2008.


    smokeyyy Active Member

    please help they are on veg they will be going on flower in a week or two but my leaves are growing deformed does anybody know whats causing this?

    more pics in a min

    Budsworth Well-Known Member

    Looks like maby you top the plant or pinched it when it was little. If its just those leaves only don't worry.

    ivebeencanceled Well-Known Member

    what kinda heat are we dealing with?
    how close?

    katfishjohn Active Member

    No worries man.. that is totally to be expected and this type of contortion is often present in a grow room. It comes and goes but it is nothing to worry about trust me. its not going to effect the overall end result. The only time you should be worried about this type of shit is when it is more rampant.. as long as its just a leaf or two or three.. dont sweat it..

    monkeypoo1 Active Member

    i have a seedling who looks jsut like that. its worrying me if i should even bother trying to save his lil life. i am only trying to grow one at a time, so hes quite precious. anyone know what causes this?

    smokeybandit22 Well-Known Member

    over fert of n
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    Baz Well-Known Member

    Lol if its a "he" like you refer to, kill the fuker now ha ha
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    Lebrish151 Member

    Its neither overfeeding or that "this just happens." You have good temperature due to the flat surface of the leaves (no upward curling edges), but you DO however have a problem with your pH. When your pH takes a little hit on levels, it affects the leaves casing them to twist and turn. If your plant is mature enough, you can either cut the tips off, or remove the leaf completely. The spots left on the tips or around the leaves are from NUTRIENT LOCKUP caused by your pH. Keep it at six, and check it every day. If the problem continues, just flush your system out with no-nutrated water with a pH at 5.5. I work in a Hydro store, I see this all the time.
    First time growing

    First time growing Member

    i have had a seedling, now in veg for 2 weeks 3 days, even when it was a seedling, one side of hte plants leaves were fine. While the other branch's leaves were having deformed leaves, and it happens on every couple branches now its really concerning me, with it also having a nitrate defiencay & melybodem defic.... this is my first time growing so i dont know much but ive learned a lot browsing these forums hope someone can answer me what should i do? doe sthe plant still have a chance even though its been growing some deformed leaves from the start?

    DanielTokes Member

    could it be a small hungry bug?

    xstation420 Active Member

    This happened to a leaf on one of my plants when the light was too close, idk if that's your problem but that plant flowered fine.

    twenty2 Active Member

    i had the same problem occur around the same time i used some tap water... the guy saying its a PH problem is right. i was freaked out thinking i had bugs.

    Kushdaddy011 Member

    I don't know if you guys are still online or not but im having the same problem. Can this happen by using different water sometimes?? I have a white widow that I've gave tap and RO water at different times and just noticed the curling/smaller leaves. Should I use purified RO water, or leave out my tap to dechlorinate outside??

    Ffaygo123 Member

    super late on this post, but it can be alot worse....

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    adower Well-Known Member

    Ph is out of range.

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