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PICS Overwatering? Droopy Leaves. Need Advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by xxGrnTreeRoom14, Feb 1, 2008.


    xxGrnTreeRoom14 Active Member

    this is my first grow. im using bag seeds. the plants are just over 2 weeks old. i give them a splash of distilled water every day. i also mist the leaves with distilled water every other day. i have a house fan blowing in their direction 6 feet from them. i have a 400 w MH lamp 18/6. they have always had droopy leaves, they kind of look like the mcdonalds arches. yesterday, two plants started developing yellowish brown spots on the first set of leaves. i was originally growing them in 3 inch terra cotta pots with "miracle" grow potting soil with nutrietns already added. yesterday, as i saw the problem, i picked up some nursery soil with only peat and perlite added. no nutrients. i also picked up some fish emulsion (5-1-1) and some superTHRIVE. I have transplanted them from the miracle grow into the new soil, and also switched to the larger container. when i transplanted them, i noticed the root ball was really nice and full already. im curious about what could be wrong. here are some pictures.




    Thanks for any help you guys can get me.

    jamiemichelle Well-Known Member

    Add some peroxide to your water to get some oxygen to those roots. Cant see the pic...it was just a X but it may be my computer. Also, Ive read epsom salt works, but def ref all that to get the exact directions. I dont go by measurements I just do however much I wanna add...lazy sometimes I guess...but havent killed a plant yet.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    hey XX...

    You only need to water your plants every 3-10 days once they get a good root system.. WHEN you water. water thoroughly and then let the soil dry..

    STOP SPRAYING your plants.. spraying is totally unnecessary...



    In the future, mix 20-50% perlite in your soil.. this makes it ALMOST impossible to over water

    xxGrnTreeRoom14 Active Member

    the pictures should appear now.

    rastadoor Well-Known Member

    haha yes thats definitely over watering i had one that looked like that

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    xxGrnTreeRoom14 Active Member

    thanks for the advice! it makes sense that the spots only appear on the plants that have droopy leaves. i hear its common for a first timer to overwater.. im gonna let them mellow out for a few days and see if they straighten up.

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    Listen to Garden Knowm, he/she's right on the money.

    No, those leaves won't recover, so keep an eye on the newest growth, to indicate recovery.

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    Edit: Holy shit, I just noticed that this thread is from 2008! :shock:

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