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PICS - One Month in and my plants are drooping bad! - PICS + REP points given

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Clever, Jul 14, 2010.


    Clever Member

    One month in and they are drooping bad.. they were fine just 2 days ago, I dont over water them. They actually look like they could use some water right now. They are under 5 CFL daylight 6500k bulbs and I keep them under it 24hours a day. Please help me! Rep points given.

    backwoods Active Member

    Disclaimer: I've only done one grow so I'm pretty new at this.

    Maybe your plants want to be watered since the last time you watered was two days ago. You may not be overwatering, but could you be underwatering? Does water come out of the drainage holes after you pour it in?

    Another potential problem I see is your lights aren't close enough to the top of the plants. It looks like you have the lights right next to the very bottom leaves in your pics. How is the plant supposed to sustain itself when the only leaves getting any light to photosynthesize with are the smallest ones at the very bottom? Try making the lights level with, or slightly above the top of your plants.

    edit: I've heard some plants react negatively to 24 hours of light and no dark, so you might also try switching to 18 hours light and 6 dark.

    Clever Member

    i have lights above them as well.. i have 3 around the bottom and two above em.. and yes water comes out the drainage

    z4qqqbs Well-Known Member

    well from those pics your soil looks really dry. but stick your fingure in the soil 2-3 inches. and if the soil is dry then water it for sure if not then you have a much bigger problem

    another thing being that you have multiple plants in one pot. thats a generally a no no

    backwoods Active Member

    Compact Flourescent lights should be placed only a few inches from the plant. Again I can't tell for sure but it looks like they are a foot away. I actually have mine less than two inches from the top of each branch on my plants. They wont burn; just make sure you have a good breeze going on them.

    Clever Member

    the leaves up top are much bigger than the ones below, would it be alright to cut them? the lights below doesn't get as much light due to the enormous leaves up top.. and it kinda makes it top heavy, though the stem seems strong enough

    backwoods Active Member

    How much water do you use each time? A glassful or a gallon?

    backwoods Active Member

    That would almost certainly kill your plant. edit: in the condition it is currently in.

    Your plants don't care about their bottom leaves, they want their top leaves to be the center of attention.

    The plant seems top heavy because it is reacting to the deficiency of light by stretching upward as fast as it can. Your plant is drooping because it is not getting enough of it's life source...both water and light.

    Clever Member

    ive moved them closer to the lights.. and watered them..hopefully this will help. thanks

    thalboy Active Member

    I don' think defoliating would kill the plant, but it could slow down the growth true tremendously.

    Jakenbake Active Member

    Looks like they just need some water man. Drooping leaves = low Turgor pressure. Turgor pressure is the amount of force (or pressure) that the water inside the plant cells exerts on the cell wall, maintaining its shape and rigidity. When the plant is unable to find water, it is unable to replenish the water that has been lost through transpiration resulting in 'squishy' cells instead of rigid ones. This causes the plants leaves and stems to droop because there is not enough pressure inside the cells to hold itself up.

    I'd say 8 times out of 10 drooping leaves is a sign of low water.

    backwoods Active Member

    Yeah I may have exaggerated a bit, but you should never remove all of a plants leaves, even if you know it wont kill it. It sounds very counter-intuitive to the whole idea of growing a plant.

    crazyMIman Active Member

    it looks to me like the leaves are wilting witch is a sign that the plants need to be watered. hope this helps.

    Clever Member

    thanks to everybody who commented.. i was just afraid of overwatering..

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