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PHOTOTRON 2 Grow Pod, First Timer!!

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by WetBehindTheEars420, Mar 9, 2008.


    WetBehindTheEars420 Active Member

    Im a first timer growning in my closet. I must admit that my set up is amature at best. I took some midgrade seeds out of one of my bags and decided to germinate them and grow in my dads old photo pod. The first couple of weeks went well with strong seedling growth but since then I've seen the health of my plant declining.

    Heres my set up:
    PHOTOTRON 2 grow pod
    mid grade seeds
    miracle grow soil
    24hr. light
    bottled water fed

    My problems:
    no ventilation
    no fertilizer schedule
    uncontrolled heat and humidity

    Plant health:
    I don't have any pictures yet but I can describe what the plant looks like:
    about 16inches tall
    lower leaves started to turn yellow
    most leaf tips are begining to turn yellow
    some holes turning up in leaves (burn holes?)

    Somebody out there please give me some advice. Can my plant be saved or will my rookie experience have to go down as a failure?

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