phosphoric acid mold preventer?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by maddog123, Oct 1, 2011.


    maddog123 New Member

    Basically a rumour came about the acid doesnt harm the plants and is great for mold problems im in no so sunny melbourne australia wondering if it could be of use:) cheers

    SnoCap Well-Known Member

    I see this thread is more than a year old, but since this thread is on the first page of a search for "preventing mold" I think it needs to be answered. I have heard that acid helps to prevent or discourage mold, however it will also change the PH level of your soil which could stress your plants considerably.

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    Phosphoric acid is a strong anti-organic agent. It is like hydrogen peroxide on steroids.
    We used PA to clean animal scale at UCLA. I wouldn't have it anywhere near my plants.


    growone Well-Known Member

    dose makes the medicine, what are the details about strength of the mix?
    too much would certainly be a disaster, so subbing if any others have experience

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