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Philips SGR001 400w hps grow system, help wiring it

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Rory13, Jun 21, 2013.


    Rory13 Member

    Hi. I just managed to get two of these systems for 30 euros each. As you can see in the photos they have 2 wires coming in one in each side, cant really figure whats going on. The only reasonable explanation is that on of them is to power an adjacent grow kit, in series, for multiple applications in a greenhouse or something. The question is, how do i wire these suckers ? I am in a rented property and already had electricity problems, dont want to damage a circuit by doing experiments.

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    I dunno sounds like a Hot and neutral,But over the pond dont you guys use some
    different amounts of current?

    Like here in the states we use 110-220 -440V
    ps. I googled and could not find a diagram.
    Welcome to RIU.

    Rory13 Member

    Its 220-240 volts all around europe, cant figure why there are two cables, if one is coming and the other one leaving to power another light, which one do i wire ? Perhaps i should try and get a model number on their components instead. Philips didnt ever have the model on their suppoer site.

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    ok first is where are you ?? usa europe tiwan what electric system is in the appt? standard 220/110 or what.. looks like your right .. follow the wires that come in from the left side if there is a black,white,green then yes thats power side. the other should be a black red and green. thats jumping another light from the looks of it. but i'm high and i could be wrong..

    Rory13 Member

    Its europe, so standart 220. Both sides are exactly identical and from what i can tell they seem to be connected together as well as been connected to ballst ignitoer etc. The cables are blue, black and red on each side. Does that make any sense ? I know that the guy who had them had 10 same ones in a greenhouse.:weed:

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