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PH, EC Levels and Tap Water

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Lokes, May 13, 2008.


    Lokes Active Member

    Hi all, this is my first post to the forums.

    I have a question about PH and EC levels using top grade premixed soils.

    My tap water is about 7.5 PH, not sure what my EC is yet, but I'm not sure that I need to.

    One of my concerns from last year and early this year, seems to be nutrient and water absorption.

    Leaves tend to be a little on the yellow side( NPK should be fine) and plant growth is good, but could be better IMO.

    1) How many of you use tap water right from the hose as oppossed to letting it stand to evaporate the Chlorine?

    2) Do you worry about your PH levels in a premix?

    3) Do I need to worry about my EC level in soil?

    I should have all my mico's, and nutrients in place, but there seems to be a missing link, which may or not be PH, EC, and or Chlorine of my tap water.


    20Danielle09 Active Member

    I would say check the pH level of your premix.

    If you have a low pH the availability of iron, aluminum, and manganese is increased, often to toxic levels.
    The Cation exchange capacity of soil organic matter is reduced.
    Activity of many soil micro-organisms, including those that fix nitrogen are reduced

    If your fertilizing and not burning the plants then I wouldn't be concerned about the EC the chlorine in the tap water will effect your EC reading.the water from your tap most likely contains
    250 mg/L

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    Wow, that is quite a first post Danille. Welcome to our forum both of you.
    If the leaves just tend toward yellow around the bottom of the plant it could be just the amount of light penetrating to that level and have little to do with the EC or the PH of your water. More details would be necessary to help. VV

    VDUBB Active Member

    100% not enough light down their them leaves will look bad and on the ec , if your new to growing, mabey ph your water and drench your plants and then measure th ph of your water our that runs out of your pots, likewise do the same with ec , let water sit overnight if u live in the city and the next day it will be better for plants and check ec level , then derench plants and measure ec level of the water that runs out of your pots, prob shouldnt do this to close togather being we as plants do not like wet feet...

    gerbo Active Member

    hi there iam new to growing so go easy on me my ph level in my water is fine but when i add nutrients the ph level drops is there a way to fix this thanks folks
    radric davis

    radric davis Member

    Vinegar makes ph go down, baking soda brings it up

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