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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by dindy, Jul 8, 2008.


    dindy Well-Known Member

    My plants are about a foot and a bit talll and there doing real well, i have started using a veg juice thats an organic fertilizer...or at leats thats what it says, so i check my ph and get it just right and than i add the veg juice and check it again and its saying its less than 4....im using the liquid tester....is this making a fake read cause im not supposed to test after i use nutrients.......it wasa around 6ish before and after was saying somthing like 4....i only used like a drop or so of the ph down and my normal water ph is arounf 7.somthing....what should i do ........ am i not supposed to check ph after nutrients???? do i just check ph and than add everything after and it will all be alright???? if someone could help that would be great...thnere doing so good i dont want anything to screw up!!!


    shamegame Well-Known Member

    You mix up your water with all nutes or additives and THEN Ph the water.

    dindy Well-Known Member

    SO If My Water Is Like 7. Somthing And I Add The Nutes And It Reads Like 4 After Is That Even Possible???.....can Nutes And Additives Bring The Ph Down...so I Need Ph Up Aswell? Lol

    dindy Well-Known Member

    im just a bit confused....YEAGH RIGHT!!!

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Yes,adding nute's WILL ALWAYS make your ph go up or down,ALWAYS,weather the ph goes up or down depends on what nute's your using & the NPK levels in the nutes ,like allready said ph your water after you add the nute's not before.

    dindy Well-Known Member

    so what are some good veg nutes that i could grab next time im at the head shop, theres so many....what will really help?

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Oh boy,thats a topic of hot debate.

    I personally believe that expensive hydro shop nute's & magic sauces are not worth the cash,i use Peters brand granular ferts with excellent success,right now im trying out a new fert from Shultz in half the plants,so far its working as good as the Peters with zero problems & i am max dosing with both ferts.

    4maggio Well-Known Member

    High dindy.. basic Micro, Bloom and Grow nutes will always make your ph go down...
    there are a few nutes, like silica, that will make your ph go up (alot.. fast!) but not many (I'm not sure of others).

    The more nutes one uses, the lower the ph will go; no matter how high the initial ph reading.
    And basically the ph is always going to want to go back up if all is well and you aren't using ppms in the 1800-2000 range.

    I've been using the Lucas Formula and I use only about 16ml of phup per grow in a 17 gal res.
    It is required in the initial 2 weeks the res in operation and after that, once a week I add nutes and the ph goes down .5 or so.
    I change the res only at the end of each grow.

    Hope this helps.:joint::joint:
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2008

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