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Peak Seeds BC...any info?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by GreenSurfer, Sep 4, 2008.


    GreenSurfer Well-Known Member

    So they have good prices and interesting hybrid strains...has anyone bought from them?

    I emailed them...they use Hushmail...but they forgot to give me the answer to the security question to open their response to my inquiry. I've used Hushmail before and know how it works too...so I don't know what to think.

    www.seedbankupdate.com gives them a good rating...

    Anyone dealt with them? Experiences?


    GreenSurfer Well-Known Member

    Anyone? Bump....

    smokeh Well-Known Member

    just had a quite look at the site. doesnt look very good. on that basis alone i wouldnt go any further.

    where any they located?

    GreenSurfer Well-Known Member


    1150 TERMINAL AVE. N UNIT 186
    V9S 5L6

    www.seedbankupdate.com gives them a very high rating...they've always seemed to be spot on.

    Anyway, that is why I came here for fellow RIU user advice. $30 Canadian seems like a good buy for 10 Skunkberry seeds, plus freebies for cash payments. An easy to grow, decent yielder, with quick flowering times...plus it has some appeal to others when I don't want to share my really good stash with folks. :)

    I was hoping somebody here had ordered from them...

    Are you in the UK? You should have no problem finding new strain seeds...

    smokeh Well-Known Member

    ah, well if u are from Canada u should be ok... is there a phone number u can ring just to speak 2 someone. if they handle them selfs well and are pretty confident, id say go for it m8.

    yeah im from the UK, i dont order from any seed banks really. i was gonna try the dr ages ago but i went to pickandmixseeds instead. i buy my seeds cash and recieve them over the counter. i will be buying from pickandmix in a week or so though.

    good luck with the seed bank if u decide to try them

    GreenSurfer Well-Known Member

    Thanks...I just received my BC Seed King order and am very happy with them...I was just looking at something new.

    Take it easy...and have a great day!


    eightball Member

    bought the 20 seed mix several months ago. recieved 27 seeds roughly 5 weeks later. over 90% germination, and about to start flowering...A+

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