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Passing a drug test with Folgers coffee

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by smartguy345, Dec 11, 2009.


    smartguy345 New Member

    So this guy swears up and down that using the folgers coffee beans the stuff that is in the red container, will allow you to pass the drug test. He says use that and mix with water and he puts in a small travel like shampoo bottle and ties it to string. Then keeps it between his legs all the time, for whenever he has to do piss test.

    I pass this info along, because anyone crazy enough to carry this around and to use it and say it works, well I believe it to an extent. I like more proof before I try it before fake urine. He says he uses it when he has to test.. Which I know isnt probation, cause dont they make you drop your pants? They also watch you.

    Anyways anyone up to trying this out be my guest.

    dthfromabv79 Well-Known Member

    Umm, wouldn't that make the water brown?
    Stoney McFried

    Stoney McFried Well-Known Member

    "Sir, we said URINATE in the cup!"

    smartguy345 New Member

    Yes to a certain extent but you only add enough to give it the taint yellow look. Look I didnt try this myself, but the dude carries a small bottle around saying the shit works... then again the dude is pumped on thinking that if he waters cannabis with water-laced heroin the thc is going to be stronger... I hope that doesnt shoot his creditibilty, as I told him that is crackhead thinking.

    lol.. but seriously he swears by it.

    gogrow confused

    thats an expensive nute right there ;-)

    Resin225 Active Member

    I think the only way you pass with the folgers is if you use Mrs. Olson's pee. ( you wont get that if you're under 45)

    Ronjohn7779 Well-Known Member

    Anyone with a basic knowledge of chemicals will tell you there is no logical way that would work.
    The Real Peter Parker

    The Real Peter Parker Well-Known Member

    Passing a drug test with Folgers coffee? Well there are two real ways to pass a drug test, and 'The Real Peter Parker' is here to share them.

    You can use your urine [stuff that comes out of you biologically] or any source of fake urine, a friends, synthetic, etc.

    It should be obvious the best choice is synthetic, and it's not hard to do. But if you are on probation, you may find it impossible to use synthetic urine during a test, when they say 'TAKE YOUR HAND OFF YOUR DICK!'.... and your fake dick becomes impotent when your hand isn't on it, exposing you.

    I'm not gonna go into the synthetic urine methods, they are too easy... here's the biological warfare method.

    [FONT=&quot]My only recommendation for beating a piss test [if you must smoke weed] is ‘herbal cleansing’ Carbo Clean 32 [available in Grape and Fruit Punch flavors], about $60 at GNC, though you may be able to find it somewhere else.
    I'd drink it t-minus 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Piss as much as you can. "The test is supposedly active from 1 or 2 to 5 or 6 hours." The more times you piss the better it is. You won't have to go too much, so after you drink it, piss every ten minutes, force yourself [not joking]. The best method to beat your piss test is to not smoke [or smoke less].

    Also, get a kit from walmart [or any store] to test yourself. TRY to piss dirty for this test. Fill the first half of what you need in the cup with the beginning of your urine stream, and the rest from the last drops of your urine stream. This is ideally the first piss of your day. If you go clean on this one, save your clearing kit. Eat a big fatty meal, don’t exercise, and only drink a little extra water. NOT TOO MUCH! This will fuck up your creatine and specific gravity if you get selected for lab testing [This, the previous part, is ONLY if your attempted dirty test is clean]. If you're dirty... use your clearing kit and buy another clearing kit, and if you want some peace of mind, test yourself again with a walmart test before the real test again to make sure you're clean [always are]. Good luck man, so many people give false information over piss tests, they say things like 'niacin, water, cranberry juice...' I did the research, I lived it, and I experienced Carbo Clean 32 beating a PROBATION LAB TEST. This test does GC/MS [toughest piss test ever] and adulterant tests [also tough to beat, detects if you used a clearing kit], including specific gravity and creatinine. <-- and specific gravity and creatinine levels will be FUCKED from water-loading.

    Also some tips to help yourself stay clean [no offense here if you live a PETA lifestyle] Eat a shit ton, and eat a lot of red meat. This will boost your creatinine levels naturally. Exercise so you don't get fat. The more you eat the more you shit, and where I'm going with this, is all of the THC absorbed into your system, 80% of it leaves your body through your shit, and 20% of it leaves through your piss. Each time you take 80% away of the THC, the less likely you are to piss dirty. Dark liquor [best], though any will work... (avoid beer a few days before and after smoke sessions) [enough to get good and buzzed (I prefer enough to get FUCKED UP)] 2 hours prior to smoking will help to prevent "Note I didn't say entirely prevent" THC from bonding to your fat cells, causing an equal amount of high from smoking, and much much quicker 'spent' or 'metabolized' THC will be eliminated <-- which is what they detect in a test, active THC will not be detected.

    I'm sorry if this looks like a speech, but I want you to definitely understand a VERY brief overview of my countless hours of piss-test-research findings[/FONT]

    smartguy345 New Member

    Thaks I know alot of info on passing drug test this will help. I would like to provide that this has to work to some extent. Because the guy freakin carries it with him and uses it. anyways I could see it working on the over counter test but some of these others you think they detect it.

    I myself, rather use synthetic urine. Thanks for your input. I do know everyone's bodies are different and THC tends to abosrb to fatty tissue and that has alot to play when cleansing.

    DaveyDoom Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't work for someone who wanted to analyze my urine.

    dankh Active Member

    No one mentioned Certo? That stuff is almost full proof, and only costs 2.99. :]

    ...... Well-Known Member

    Why does this guy always carry it with him?I dont think he has to take a piss test everytime you see him,is there something im missing?

    smartguy345 New Member

    never heard of it where you get it at?

    smartguy345 New Member

    I guess whatever he does has random drug testing.
    The Real Peter Parker

    The Real Peter Parker Well-Known Member

    Usually after I post in a drug test thread it serves to end the thread basically... I'm impressed.

    smartguy345 New Member

    Lol... thats funny.. Ok well I like to know what over the counter test can detect this to be fake? I would like to disprove this guy so bad. Trust me! or send me a test kit. This dude irritates me half the time... his half ass thinking telling me heroing injected nutes for weed be killer. WTF? Then to tell me some "white boys" (quote on quote) produces thc in a powder form kinda yellowish up in colorado. I don't know but I seen some of the shit this guy smokes.. and he is fine with it. I wouldnt even call it schwag half the time, cause its so much seeds and leaves.. lol with minty smell... anyways..

    gogrow confused

    I dont know too much about the mechanisms of the over the counter tests... but i would believe that you would get an "inconclusive" result if you tested his little concoction... a urinalysis would, i'm almost positive, catch your buddy without a problem, as i dont see his "fake piss" having any protiens, ketones, amino acids, etc like urine is suppossed too....

    in short, based on everything you have told us, your friend, or "this guy you know", is a complete fucking idiot all around, and i would be distancing myself from him if i were you...

    if you are interested in passing drug tests in general, look into a product called Test'n ... it actually strips the toxins out of your body, to the point that you are completely clean after using it.... you have to take a vitamin afterward because it strips those too..... its full of all kinds of nasty heavy metals, in colodial form.... i believe the process is called "chelation".... peter parker could probably tell you more about that though;-)

    smartguy345 New Member

    Lol, no I agree with you I get in arguments because he things hydro has chemicals and thats why its more potent then schwag. Dude is a fucking idiot... I almost feel embarrased posting it up, but he swears by it... Anyways I myself rather use synthetic urine. Its great and has no expiration date. I smoke waaayy to much and there is way to many variables for me to worry about detox..

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