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Passing a drug test in 1 day

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Inada, Mar 31, 2010.


    Inada Member

    Ok so my friend smoked last night and he needs to pass a drug test in about 3 hours anyone have any tips they could share
    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK

    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK Well-Known Member

    Not sure there is much your friend can do about their own urine. Not much time. Get some urine from someone you know is clean. Hopefully it's not one of those tests where the techs are in the room with you..



    deprave New Member

    His only hope is to use someone elses or to drink gallons upon gallons of water and pee out straight water, he can take a b2 and creatine supplement also so its not so obvious he diluted his urine.

    NuBud335 Active Member

    maybe your friend shouldnt have smoked when he had to test less than a day later.

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    i don't even think sure- jel would do anything in 3 hrs.

    Drunkinop420 Active Member

    He can take Niacin...i think thats how you spell it....it will make your skin burn like a mother fucker but he'll pee clean

    HippySmoke Active Member

    I am sorry to say your associate is S.O.L. niacin will be flagged and overflushing will be flagged too the only answers are 1 synthetic urine 2 a buddys urine 3 buy some time and sweat like a mofo

    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    Drug tests these days are pretty advanced. Drinking mass amounts of water will result in a fail because it is too diluted. Taking things like niacin are a red flag to these people as well. There are some pretty good flush kits out but they also need a day or two at least. There is not much he can do cuz either way he is gonna fail, might be able to buy some time with a diluted piss until his next one. Or get a job where you don't have to piss in a cup, that's what I did.

    Inada Member

    here's an update on what happened ok from what i know hes been smoking for a while he smoked 13 hours before the drug test he drank a bunch of water he almost got waterlogged from it but somehow he was able to piss pure piss he passed completely ... his kidneys must be godlike

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