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Ozone Generators...

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Sanifsan, Mar 19, 2007.


    Sanifsan Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how ozone generators work or how they are set up? And do they work effectively...

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Ozonators can make the smell of even SMELLY strains like Mikado and Romulan practically unnoticeable, unless resin glands are broken by your movements within the grow area. Place the ozonator units in the exhaust line or area or within the grow area itself, above an air circulation or intake/exhaust duct or fan. Purchase a timer to run continuously, except for 30 minutes before and during your scheduled maintenance times. Ozone has a half life of 30 minutes. You may notice a hospital type smell, if ozone levels get higher. Nothing dangerous, but reduced by the use of a timer in the aforementioned fashion. For true stealth, additional ozonators placed in the exhaust line or outside the grow area will take care of any escaping terpenes that have not been oxidized within the garden itself. Larger output inline corona ozonators are preferable for larger vented areas. There are many different sizes for different space requirements, buy the rappropriate size for your area!

    Air Tiger up to 5000 cubic feet
    Uvonair Junior up to 1000 cubic feet
    Uvonair(standard) up to 3000 cubic feet
    Uvonair Plus up to 5000 cubic feet

    They use UV light to produce ozone and require simple monthly cleaning to keep them in top working condition.They are designed to be safe commercial, office and residential use. They come with an ozone detection card to verify maximum ozone levels and your safety.

    UV type ozonator maintenance

    The UV bulb gets coated with dust, which reduces the amount of light emitted and therefore the amount of ozone produced. The bulb should be cleaned at least monthly to maintain peak performance. If you have never cleaned your bulb, you are diminishing the unit's effectiveness and will be surprised with the improvement in odor control afterwards.

    Nietzsche Notes
    A note about UV Ozone Generators
    If you must treat the air inside the grow room due to room leaks/smell seepage it is preferable to use a UV ozone generator. UV ozonators using a frequency of 185nm (approx) do not produce nitric acid as a by-product like corona discharge ozonators do. Thus corona discharge ozone generators should only be used in the exhaust system. If using a UV ogzone generator to treat the air inside the room this could damage your plants if the concentration is too high. I also suggest putting it in the air intake so to allow some time for the Ozone to mix with the air and also not to creat a hot spot right next to the ozone machine.

    Sanifsan Well-Known Member

    Thanx A Lot

    dudio Active Member

    Dudes, take a look at this site before you use ozone generator in your air. This place has posted some must read information about how deadly these things are.

    pompeii Active Member

    Ozone generators can be VERY harmful if used to their full potential, but do not listen to all the hype saying all ozone generation is bad for you. You can do things like letting the generator run 2 minutes an hour and that alone will make a noticeable difference in smell while giving you no health risks. Ozone is in the air you're breathing right now.

    Anything over 600mg / hour of ozone will being to cause throat irritation, head-aches, and possible chest pain.

    Most QUALITY air purifiers include multiple functions, such as ionization and ozone generation. These emmit ozone @ about 360mg / hour which is quite safe, and can be reduced if you wish.

    I am not a salesman, or work for any ozone generation company, but I am someone who is logical respects science, and some of these claims I have seen on this site, saying even small amounts of ozone is dangerous is ridiculous, it is all around you and it's inside your lungs.

    If you chose to get an ozone generator just be sure to read the instructions carefully and I personally would never let it get above 400 mg / hour, it's better to be safe sorry.

    highwayman Well-Known Member

    my plan for my room was to build a box so that the air circulates around inside of it before going outside from my exhaust fan.. if i was to place the ozone generator in this air tight box would it have any affect on me.. because it would be just there to kill the smell on the way out of the room.. and that air that was cleaned would be vented to the outside... would it kill the smell in that short amount of time in the box in order for it to leave the house and not tell that grow???

    exclamatio Active Member

    Just run your ozone generators for short periods of time and you will be fine, as already said just read the instructions and do not exceed them.

    Ozone is created naturally when oxygen created by plants/plankton is high enough in the atmosphere and comes into contacts with the suns UV rays.

    Infact ozone therapy is used to easily and completely destroy cancer and many other conditions too.

    Ozone (o3 up to o21) is unstable and as stated has a very short half life, usually 20-30 mins in nature, after this period the ozone is happy to drop the extra oxygen atoms which in turn are happy to attach themselves to pretty much anything. In nature for example the o3 will become o2 leaving oxygen atoms to get caught in rain water(h20), creating h2o2 or hydrogen peroxide which obviously then falls on plants and animals in nature all the time. Ever recognise that clean air smell right after it rains?

    Anyone saying that ozone is dangerous seriously needs to do some homework.

    Just ensure you are using a decent peice of equipment, you will hardly need it to be running 24/7, experiment and see what you can get away with.


    eatsleepjdm Active Member

    that website looks like a joke for end of the world freaks

    stunned Green Thumb of God

    Now tht everyone has explained the product I'just going to point out the obvious. Carbon filter scrubbers are way more effective than ozone generatos could ever dream of being. Since they actually scrub and absorb the odor particles.

    Eharmony420 Well-Known Member

    I am about to buy the ball generator. you may have seen it. I grow in my huge bedroom in tents. I have scrubbers and filters and still I got smell. I figure an ozone generator will clean the tent exhaust placed on roof of the tent which is stinking. I also hope that it will help with the small clone and veg cab I am tryng to get going.

    wish me luck

    Eharmony420 Well-Known Member

    oops cant buy the ball. it uses corona discharge but for 30 dollars more at bghydro I can get this [​IMG] . the titan bar generator with a light. gotta love bg hydro.[​IMG]

    exclamatio Active Member

    I dont know much about carbon filters but ozone generators have the added benefit of being great for your health, im going with an ozone generator because the smell isnt a huge issue here and my crops will always be small.

    Just wondering if you could recommend a decent carbon filter incase my grow room expands, cheers :D

    coworker23 Member

    Yeah, not sure where that guy gets hi info.

    Efficiency = using 300 watt fat to pull air through carbon which you have to replace.

    or is it using a 100 watt generator which kills the smell at the atomic level? Fact is Ozone is one of the most efficient ways to clear air, this is scientifically proven.

    Did you have any problems with your plants though? There is information that states Ozone prevents plants from being able to breath.
    southern homegrower

    southern homegrower Well-Known Member

    i use a cap ozone jr. and it works very well. turns on for 10 mins.and shut off for 10

    panhead Well-Known Member

    What you failed to mention is that even the most expensive carbon filter will cut air flow from the exhaust but you are correct that in small grows that a carbon filter is the better way to go over ozone generators.

    I vent dirty air to a dump area unfiltered as to not cut air flow from the room,then the dump area is treated with ozone 24/7 then exhausted from the building through carbon scrubbers.


    I failed to mentin that unless the climate in which you live is an extreme low humidity climate then UV type ozone generaors are a much better choice over Corona Discharge units,the higher the humidity the less output with Corona units due to their ozone being made using static electric spark,i own both type units & in Michigan the weakest model UV generator outperforms my strongest model Corona unit.

    JonnyBtreed Well-Known Member

    best possible scenario, and what I plan to do as soon as I can.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    I own 6 ozone generators with 4 of them being the cap jr models,the other 2 are corona units with extremely output ratings for shock treating rooms & the lil cap jr models blow the expensive models away for growing,they are easy to maintain as well by removing a few screws & wiping off the UV bulb once a month,i have a thread in the archives here that shows pics of the interior of the unit & how to maintain the unit for max output.
    southern homegrower

    southern homegrower Well-Known Member

    got a link to the thread. i was afraid to try and clean it. i think they have a 3 yr. warranty

    rottenrichard00 Member

    Whats wrong with Corona discharge ?

    rottenrichard00 Member

    I have been running a Air-zone XT-400 on half for about 12 weeks, I have 4 large white widow mothers that are very healty. I am not sure when they flower, we will see in about 3-4 months My machine, on max puts out 400mg.hr

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