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oxycodone vs oxycotton

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by wl2008, Jun 12, 2007.


    Ganzy1003 Well-Known Member

    no problem, and it couldnt be any more true when you said its your best friend and enemy at the same time.... I think we both know this drug is shit.

    ganjasmoker101 Active Member

    My question is what did you do to ger perscribed those?

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    your doctor where else????

    Theweedman Active Member

    Read the previous post cali =] he said
    "My question is what did you do to ger perscribed those?" he spelt get wrong but it cleary states he said what did you do... not where did you go...
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    I broke my back/compressed 4 discs about 12 years ago that now causes chronic pain...I also have DDD on top of that ....so that's what I *did* to get 'em.

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    i've had two freinds die from oxycontin...

    that shit can fuck you over big time...

    Jazzman Well-Known Member

    What's up my Opiate friends - Midgrade, nice job setting people straight. Just reading this thread has me lmao, there's so much BAD info... People have to be much more careful - as most of us know, this stuff can take over you LIFE. For YEARS. Of course, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but... Percocet is definitely NOT codEIne. LOL. As you said, OxyContin is simply time released Oxycodone, just as MS Contin is time released Morphine Sulfate; Percocet is just Oxycodone with 325mg of Tylenol/Acetominiphen.
    And, uhh... Lortab, Vicodin, and Norco are BRAND names for Hydrocodone/Tylenol mixes. Vicodin: 5mg Hydrocodone/500mg Tylenol. Lortab: umm... same thing, but also a 10mg Hydrocodone/650mg Tylenol pill. Norco: 10mg Hydrocodone/325mg Tylenol. Norco is the most recent to go generic, and the rest have been around for a while.
    Why the hell do people want to make oxycodone sound like a manageable drug?? WTF? OxyContin is Oxycodone with some fucking plastic in it. Same damn drug! Of course, since Oxycodone is only available 5 and 10mg strengths (and 2.5 now?), and OxyContin came out with doses up to 160mg in ONE DAMN PILL (discontinued a while back, I believe), there's a crazy HYPE to the OC, but it's the same shit. Addicts don't care if they have to take 1 pill or 20. Just be careful guys..... Sorry for the rant. PEACE. Anyone out there NOT in chronic pain, just don't Fuck around. Opiates can steal 10 years of your life before you even BLINK....................................

    Jazzman Well-Known Member

    Dude, check yourself. Shut the fuck up if you don't know what you're talking about. Oxycontin IS Oxycodone. Oxycodone was simply never available in such high doses PER pill. IS THAT WHAT YOU MEANT? Is getting a 10mg Oxycontin, LIKE, Uh, Prescription Heroin (You mean Dilaudid, you dumb ass?), only cleaner, better than a 10mg Oxycodone? You mean you dig the plastic? WTF? This is not a GAME. This is life changing addictive shit. PEACE. Or something.

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    i preferred the time release oxycodone myself

    it was just a nice mellowed out feeling all day

    the 80mg atleast...

    two of those in the morning and the world was ok

    but then going to everybody you know for more is not a fun experience (fucking feinding)

    i'll stick to bud thank you

    Jazzman Well-Known Member


    Jazzman Well-Known Member

    Holy shit. Some of you guys just have NO CLUE, do you? I'm actually NOT as big a prick as I sound, but people, get you're fucking information straight.
    One Tylenol 3 is NOTHING like one Percocet.

    Percodan is not fucking HYDROCODONE OR TYLENOL. Doesn't the whole PER thing give you a clue??? Try Oxycodone and aspirin. Why POST when you don't know what you're talking about??

    "Vicodin is....(in a higher dose of oxycodone)..." What? umm... what?

    Congrats on your kicking that 3 year habit, even though you're giving out bad info... The one thing you're absolutely right about is the withdrawal from a long acting opiate. Horrors beyond what most have EVER experienced. Try getting off Methadone. OC goes for 12 hours or so, Meth can last 24, 48, even 72 hours in someone with a slow metabolism. HELL.

    Be careful ALL. Catch the habit before it's caught you.

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member

    Opiates should be respected.
    They are easily addicting.
    I would not recomend them unless you need them and nothing else works.

    I have used them recreationally.
    If and when I do take them to get fucked up I take 15-20mg of hyrdrocodone with 2mg of time release xanax. ( I weigh 225lbs)
    I do not recomend this for a usual consumption though.
    It has been over a year since I took any.
    I almost got hooked on them just playing around.
    Be very careful or just don't even try it.

    cincismoker Well-Known Member

    huh i dint even kno they were related at all they both give me the itches but the oxycottin hi blows vics out the water. 1 80mg oc will get me more fucked than 10 500mg vics any day. just my opion

    Jazzman Well-Known Member

    So, there's Codeine in Tussionex? YOU SURE?? And Morphine's "the safest drug ever, and not euphoric", huh? Wow. There it is. Really glad you posted all that good info.

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member

    What you need is some Hycodan.
    It is liquid hydrocodone.

    Be very careful. It jacks me the hell up (like speed) if I take to much.

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member

    What the hell.
    Morphine will stop your heart just like any other opiate if you take to much.
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the bad info jazzman...it was from memory. sheesh.

    So while yer at it..telling us all how stupid we are about the drugs we take...

    just WTF did *you* take that made *you* such a huge dick with an attitude?

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    ... he's moved on to the uppers now...

    lol j/k

    love you all

    and use caution with this shit... DEADLY if your stupid or unlucky...

    Jazzman Well-Known Member

    BTDT - Sorry about the attitude man. But my penis has always been relatively huge... As far as what I took - try 10 years of my life, and a large piece of my soul. I'm trying to stick to the buds now, and learning to grow, slowly, instead of shoot....

    I've written more scripts than most Doctors. That's where my junkie MD comes from. Do NOT make the mistake of thinking that I'm in any way PROUD of my pathetic knowledge. It comes from years of greed and indulgence, and then the inevitable years of pure HELL. I think you know what I'm talking about to some extent. HOW I WISH someone would given me a fuckin clue as to the horrors I was setting myself up for, after that first TASTE. For some, maybe most, there's NO GOING BACK.

    Anyone using: just BE CAREFUL. And be HUMBLE. Please don't trivialize the power of ANY opiate. The body interprets them all in relatively the same way. Pyschologically, and physiologically, chronic use causes the body to adapt (tolerance), and eventually, is programmed to accept the opiate as a necessity for LIFE. There's a fine line between the inevitable physical dependence, and pyschological addiction. The brains Endorphin system eventually stops producing it's own opiates, not to mention, repeated use of external opiates eventually kills off the brains own endorphin receptors. One is left with no natural endorphins, and barely enough receptors to allow the user to achieve even normalcy - no matter how potent the opiate (O>D). Now, with the body having accepted the chronic flood of opiates in the system, even lowering levels slightly results in the body's own natural defense, the "fight or flight" syndrome. As if one stopped BREATHING. That's the hell of addiction. Shitty.

    Just be careful guys. PLEASE. Opiates are stronger than all of us. Some are simply lucky. Don't fool yourself into believing otherwise. Don't take the risk.

    Anyone need info or help, just ASK. I may sound like a prick, but I've been through it ALL. And I'll never be truly DONE with it. How fucked is that>?

    ALL of the semi-synthetic opiates are incredibly dangerous, and YES, incredibly good. YES< OC is one of the most dangerous, obviously because of the insanely potent levels of Oxycodone available in the higher dose pills. Same with MS Contin. Percocet and Percodan, and yes, Vicodin (Vicodin, Vicodin ES, Vicodin HP, Lortab, Lorcet, Norco, Hycodan, Tussionex, etc.) are just as addictive, but only available with at most 10mg of opiate, and more importantly, are self limiting even for the worst junkie, because of the acetominophen/tylenol, or aspirin with Percodan. Vicodin is what starts an unbelievable amount of people on the road to addiction, and often, to the big "H", and then Methadone. Just becuase anything w/ oxycodone in it is more controlled than vicodin, does NOT mean vics are less addictive. Some people actually PREFER Hydrocodone to Oxycodone. I know I did. Of course, I was only taking 10mg OC. Hycodan (5mg Hydrocodone per tsp, i think), and even better/worse, Tussionex (10mg/tsp) are fucking DANGEROUS. They are the ONLY non triplicate form of pure opiate (no tylenol, etc.), and the ONLY form of Hydrocodone available without tylenol or ibuprofen. The expectorant, or antihistamine in them won't prevent you from chugging away on the liquid orange candy. How fucked is that?
    Anyway, time for me to stop rambling. Prob. should've stopped a while back. What can I say? My devastating REGRETS fuel my attitude. DO NOT FUCK WITH THIS STUFF. It's the only way to be sure. PEACE.
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    Ganzy1003 Well-Known Member

    jazzman tussionex hc is codeine with promenthazine most of the time.... or some other kind of drug that controls nausea..... and quit it with the attitude. are you coming down now or what? i happen to be very educated about this so why dont you search it? I have degrees in both chemistry and biochemistry.... i am also an opiate user.... who the fuck are you? some low income jackass sitting on his comp pretending like he knows about this....

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