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Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by muffin, Sep 7, 2008.


    muffin Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Having slight problems with my babies :~(

    Pics 1,2,3 were taken when they were 5 weeks old & in perfect health, pics 4,5 & 6 were taken when they were 7 weeks old (I put them into flower @ week 6).

    Pic 4 - Plant 1 - Some of the leaves are starting to go claw shaped at the tips and other leaves are starting to look like fingers (Curling in on themselves from the side). This only effects a certain layer of leaves.

    Pic 5 - Plant 2 - She is much lighter green in colour than my other 2. Apart from the colour, she is in perfect shape. I have fed her exactly the same as the other 2 which is only a few helpings of Hesi TNT Complex so far.

    Pic 6 - Plant 3 - She appears fine.

    Sorry for the blurry pics, stupid iphone camera.

    Am using a 400w HPS with soil & have recently found my soil ph to be 8.0 +, so have flushed them with 2/3 times the capacity of my pot with ph'd water (Some of the water was 6.5, some was 5.0), this was 4 days ago.

    The strain is the Church from the Greenhouse Seed Company & they recommend ph of 5.5 -6 which is quite low compared to other plants.

    The soil is still pretty wet, which is why I think the clawing has occured.

    I am also worried that I may have flushed too much which is why plant 2 is lighter in colours than the others?

    Any ideas please?


    atombomb Well-Known Member

    Why are you flushing in week one of flowering? Shouldnt you wait until the last couple weeks to flush? Or were you over feeding it? Just use some bloom nutes and wait it out, they may get darker, it is possible you flushed all the goodies out of the soil and its turning to itself for Nutes, Start feeding agian and see what happens, Any one else wanna chime in?

    This is only my opinion though, as I am only on my first grow, but that seems logical to me.

    weezer Well-Known Member

    sound right atom
    muffin the plants are looking alright
    let them dry out but not to dry than start to fert

    weezer Well-Known Member

    oh and keep the ph the same

    muffin Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much guys...

    I had to flush as my ph was way too high and using just a few ltrs of PH'd water every few days was not lowering the level so I read somewhere to flush with 2/3 times the volume of the pot with ph'd water.

    I will give it a few more days & hope that they dry out and start to fert again.

    Sorry if I appear stupid, but it is my first grow & I think you are always nervous & tend to think that the smallest problem is going to kill your babies.

    Thanks again guys...

    muffin Well-Known Member

    My babies are getting better without doubt.

    Lowering the ph has improved them no end.

    The soil has dried out alot & the pot was much lighter in weight than before, so I gave then some Hesi Bloom complex (5ml/Ltr ph'd Water).

    10 days into flowering and looking much happier than previous.

    Fingers crossed now.

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    weezer Well-Known Member

    good to hear the kids are getting better

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