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overgrown plant.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ftw123, Jun 8, 2012.


    ftw123 Member

    So I have a plant that's about 5 feet above pot and has nowhere else to go. She's hittin the top and starting to curl. She's in her 5th week of budding and still just growing in height . any idea's?

    smokinrav Well-Known Member

    Start bending branches brother. Put a tie using rope, twine, string, pipe cleaners, whatever, near the top of a branch and gently bend it over. Tie that off on something, even lower on the same branch. Careful not to crack wooden over stems.

    Good luck

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    grab the branch u need bent between your thumb and first two fingers. gently squeeze until you feel it crack, thenroll the branch over you finger using your tbumb. branch will stay without tieing and a knot will form where it cracked. i have branches with 3-5 bends sometimes.

    ftw123 Member

    THanks for the feedback but it's not just a branch its the whole top 6 inches of the plant hitting the top of the grow room and curling back around.

    CannaChameleon Active Member

    mate, theres no way of stopping it from gaining height. You can either move the plant or do some serious bending. you can start to bend the whole plant over on itself but bare in mind youll need to do some radical pruning so that bud sites arent totally engulfed with leaves from higher up. Id do it in a couple of stages if I were you as well, over say three days, bending it a little at a time each day and tying it down rather than going the cracking route this far into flowering. Its very hard to anticipate the amount of height a plan will gain in flowering but ideally you have pruned, topped and stressed her before there are buds to lose from doing so. good luck - i hope the rest of your grow goes smoothly :)

    smokinrav Well-Known Member

    That's the part I'm talking about. Even in a fully developed cola, there is still some elasticity n the stem. Use it.

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