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Overfed or deficiency?? please help!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by magic, Mar 16, 2008.


    magic Well-Known Member

    For starters, I'll admit I overwatered and overfed my babies when they were in the seedling to veg stage. I flushed and grabbed a moisture meter so as to not repeat the problem. Of course some damage set in and was irreversable. A few weeks ago I took some healthy shots of the plants and have noticed that many of them have severe yellowing of the lower fan leaves (mostly w/no visible brown patches) which is working its way up the plant. The plants are 7 weeks today from germination and not not been fed any nutes for 4-5 weeks. Also, several of the branches are a purplish color and a few plants have purple stems... all stems were a healthier green color a week ago

    Do these pics look like any deficiencies?

    Is it possible that excess nutes that were not flushed thoroughly 3-4 weeks ago released themselves back into the soil from the most recent watering and the plant is overfed again?

    I don't want to do anything until I have a better idea of what's happening... I don't want to make it any worse. Urgent responses are greatly appreciated!!!!!
    -frustrated noob

    PH 6.8-7
    TEMP 72F
    RH 48-52%
    6 4' T5 HO

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    Azgrow Well-Known Member

    its from a lack of nitrogen..please feed plants..peace az

    magic Well-Known Member

    so many of the deficiencies look like overfeeding also... I appreciate the help and am curious what about the pics makes you think N deficiency over something else? I need to know as sure as can be before I put more nutes in.... last time I fed (a month ago) I used the recommended dose per indoor plants on the package and that proved to be too much. Do you think I should feed at 25% or maybe 50% recomm. dose? THANX AGAIN

    Azgrow Well-Known Member

    well typiclly overfeeding or a ph issue you would notice burnt tips an necrotic spots...i see neither...in issues with pk the veins stay green while the inbetweens lose color...this issue is affecting the lowest older growth first an working its way up threw the other older sections...this is the plant using up its nitrogen as a last resort to keep growth positive....hope this helps..peace az

    magic Well-Known Member

    some of leaves on other plants have some patchy browning on the interior of the oldest leaves (which are also yellowing), but no burning of the outsides of the leaf. I'll give a feeding at 50% recommended dose with some epsom salts tonight... unless anyone else thinks that's a bad idea? AZGROW thank you... I'm completely lost on the def's. They all have yellowing and I couldn't figure out one from another if my life depended on it

    Growbot Well-Known Member

    dude, a month ago??? if you're in soil you should be feeding weekly. az is right on with his diagnosis. if those plants are 4-6 weeks old, they should be at full strength nutes. if you noticed they burned early on, try 75% strength. i'd feed them now.
    big poppa baby

    big poppa baby Active Member


    magic Well-Known Member

    you guys rock... I fed 3 of the 8 earlier tonight at 25% recommonded dose because I freaked myself out before by overfeeding them when they were just a few weeks old. I'll leave them be for now and feed the other 5 at 75% with a 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salt per gallon in the mix. THANX AGAIN EVERYONE!!! This is my first batch, and I'm suprised I have any still kicking. I think I've made just about every mistake possible so far :-)

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