Over-Dried Marijuana Adding Moisture?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by trenton, Mar 28, 2008.


    trenton Well-Known Member

    I have some sour diesel that hung dry for 8 days to find out that it is over dry. I am putting it in air tight containers and burping them ever so often. What can I add to the weed to put some moisture back into it. I dont want to affect the smell. Someone told me to use a tortilla. Would that work and how would I go about doing it. Thanks.

    TheConfucius Well-Known Member

    get a cottonball, wet it, place it in tin foil, poke holes in tin foil.

    Let it sit in jar with bud, for couple hours, should return moisture to ur buds.

    trenton Well-Known Member

    With the cotton ball strategy/ Do I want to soak it and place it in tin foil or soak it and squeeze heavy water out first??

    Kuji Active Member

    Another trick is to put your buds in a jar along with a few fresh orange peels. Shake the jar or rearrange the nugs and peels every four hours so to ensure better moisture distribution. Be careful how many orange peels you use cuz you can easily over moisturize your nugs. Have used it many times before with "crumbly" bud.

    lucky182 Well-Known Member

    All I do (and I've done it b4 is put them in ziploc vegetable bags (the one's with holes in 'em) and throw it in the fridge check every so often and yur herb will suck the moisture outta the fridge.. no mold even moisture no adding shit


    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    I just stick wet paper towel to the edge the container and seal. Trenton in my experience it is easier to use a little bit of water and then see how the bud feels, you would want to squeeze out most of the water depending on how much your trying to rewet.

    jsales Active Member

    throw it in the fridge with some Orange Peels for a few hours and it will be fine.
    General Anesthetic

    General Anesthetic Well-Known Member

    Skin just the other layer of a lemon peel and stick it the jar overnight. A couple of strips will do. Remove the peels in the morning to prevent mold. You should be good after that. Just keep "burping" the jars a regular intervals and the faint smell of lemon should dissipate as well.

    Crontonic Active Member

    I put 3 ounces in 3 different jars with orange peels, for 10 hours. I gained 8 grams and the nug gained so much moisture. It works unreal.

    tahoe58 Well-Known Member

    hey trenton....I have always just taken a fresh small bud plucked from a plant (of course it matters to have such) and throw it in with the too dired, and seems to have worked well in the past. and you can monitor it and take it out once the desired moisture has been achieved, or even add another if that one dried out....good luck man!
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    TheConfucius Well-Known Member

    just wet it a little and if you think its too much squeeze it out, but just a qucik dap under the faucet and you should be fine

    fdd2blk POW Staff Member

    fuckin' brilliant. you got repped. :mrgreen::blsmoke::peace:

    TrailBlazer Active Member

    ya for adding a small bud, i have also heard of using a fresh picked leaf from another plant if you didnt want to use a bud.

    BlazedUpPanda Well-Known Member

    In my experiance the fridge method has always worked???... jus dont over do it...

    Jcrasta Member

    Moist Qtips

    Sir.Ganga New Member

    I use fresh leaves, pluck enough to cover the bud in a rubbermaid container, seal it up, check the next morning and you should see execellent results.

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